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I just heard Lou’s pitch for his Biotech Breakout Alert. He claims to be tracking the FDA Form 1571 regarding the status of clinical trials. Has anyone subscribed to this or any of his previous publications? What has been the quality of his recommendations?

Bonner & Partners is promoting what is called ”Chris Meyer’s 100-to-1 Project.” Bob Irish is the moderator of the interview. A short version of the pitch: ”Chris Discovered a Company He Believes Could Make You a Millionaire…This company may have the answer to a problem the White House has declared a “National Health Emergency” and […]

Anyone have a guess as to what Weiss’ modern update on his so-called Rockefeller Recipe might be? See He kinda sorta tells you what it is about in the ad, but gets hazy at about the point you would expect to avoid a tell-all. The service is called ”High-Yield Investing,” which provides the ”Bedrock […]

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On Microblog: Lou Basenese's Biotech Breakout Alert

Thanks for your research and additional insights.[...]

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On Microblog: Lou Basenese's Biotech Breakout Alert

After I posted my earlier request, I did my best Travis imitation (with all due respect, Travis) and sussed all three symbols from LOU BASENESE’S BIOTECH BREAKOUT ALERT teases. I believe Lou is using as the "public database" that he me[...]

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On What's Basenese's "Hands Down, Perfect" $2 Stock for 5G?

On Oct 21, 2020, Jeff Brown presented his Beyond Exponential pitch that included a free report called "A Stock to Rival NVIDIA." This report discusses the 5G megatrend and identifies a watchlist company, namely Unity Software (ticker: U). Unity began in 20[...]

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On Microblog: Smart Dust - The new 19 Trillion Industry.

What has happened to Smart Dust in the three years since the previous article was posted? For starters, one of these machines is called a Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS, for short). As miniaturization continues, and when deployed in mass, they would[...]

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