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Wow – what a way to wake up!! I just took a quick look at the teaser tracker for 2014 and noticed that you have been awfully kind to many of those so called experts that charge hefty fees for lousy recommendations. It looks like there are twice as many losers than winners among most […]

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On Friday File: The Big List, plus a buy on great earnings and a few speculations

Excellent Discussion & a Very Good Summary, JPM had an internal memo suggesting that even though CPI & PPI rose more than expected because the dollar was declining & the policies were aimed at growth & jobs, the prospects were good for many stocks. Stoc[...]

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On Hodge's "November 1: New FDA Mandate Sends This Device Into EVERY Restaurant in America"

A few years ago, I had subscribed to Nick Hodge's Early Advantage - his marketing pitches were good and he backed up his observations with comments on investments from billionaires who had carefully investigated the pitfalls in penny stocks. It took me a [...]

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On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"

Happy Belated Birthday! - Stock Gumshoe!![...]

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On Who's getting rich from "The $33 Billion Gold Chip Mandate?"

I too have been poking around this story and came up with the CPI Card Group - which has several locations throughout the Globe. I was glad to see that you too hunted this teaser of the Gold Chip company with a virtual monopoly from Sid Riggs.[...]

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On Kent Moors' "Trade Just Hit Green Light Status"

I enjoy reading these analysis and in this case, I wanted to test Kent Moors so for what its worth, I did Ratio Backspreads on just 2 contracts at the 20 & 21 strikes in July on both puts and calls to see if this stock does move 10% or more in either direc[...]

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On What's the "Financial App" That Lets you "skim money from millions of banking transactions?"

I got into MONIF a while ago and has been a dud all this time. Thanks for the reveal - this is really timely as I got the same email from Bill Bonner. Its such a relief being on this site than being bombarded by the many at Angel Publishing, Weiss Group [...]

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