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On Microblog: Is there a back door way to get in on an IPO before it's announced on a private company?
I think this relates to the Wyatt constant push for back doors to upcoming IPOs although thats a guess !! GSVC has had a good run up in 2019 but dropped over the last 2 weeks a sort of sell the news scenario i guess ! I think it looks like a ploy to buy[...]
On Will Trump Publicly Back "USACoin" to Become New No. 1 Crypto?
Hi Don't know if you got this sorted but I started off with eToro as the crypto trading platform, you dont always own the coins as most of the time its CFD based but it is very easy to set up an account and fund it with FIAT currencies. Then setup trades [...]
On Crypto Income Quarterly
Catherine I think you are confused about the discussion I wanted to have, my point here is to discuss the ideas around the actual coins and crypto income ideas, that i believe is what the forum is for and is what i have experienced and contributed to for[...]
On Crypto Income Quarterly
Any thoughts on my ideas anybody[...]
On Crypto Income Quarterly
Why focus on that tried to contact you but there are several elian contacts, why can't we have a discussion here that is what the board is for isn't it ?[...]
On Crypto Income Quarterly
Hi all whats the news on this, im a PBC subscriber but Im a bit miffed at having to fork out more to get this Qtryly income deal, speaking to PBC (very hard selling especially now tied up with bonner) they tell me the QI offer and portfolio is 300% up [...]
On Crypto Income Quarterly
Hi I cant find you on telegram :-([...]
On What's Casey's "The New Ethereum?"
John I though this was a new newsletter , how did this get added onto a lifetime subscription , in my experience they always want more ![...]
On What's Casey's "The New Ethereum?"
you would think that if any of these were hitting the nail o the head then we would see good volume and % price increases but from a quick glance from the resources listed below I cant really see any pattern that says we have this nailed. Rchain has falle[...]
On Blanco's "No More Diseases... The Moment The World Stands Still" Stock
Good results but shares drop 20% good spot from Travis, on the opportunity to buy as it happens that would seem to be today :-)[...]
On Blanco's "No More Diseases... The Moment The World Stands Still" Stock
Hi All , Sangamo are holding a conference call today just after the presentation in Greece, The call will follow the presentation of the data earlier that day at the 2018 Symposium of the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Athens, G[...]
On Microblog: What is Teeka Tiwari's April 2nd cryptocurrency shocking Bitcoin prediction?
I cannot profess to be an expert or say my notes are advice because its all a gamble !! But answers 1. Not really necessary to act straight away as you can set a limit order at the price your happy with. But all the cryptos are a way under his buy upto no[...]
On Microblog: What is Teeka Tiwari's April 2nd cryptocurrency shocking Bitcoin prediction?
I signed up to one of Doug Caseys newsletters predicting gold would soar in april 208 because of some Amnesty in India, he recommended a number of small miners fand went on about leverage. Complete tosh on the timing, I moved a significant amount into Gol[...]
On Friday Unlock Bonus: "Bud Takes Over Tiny Pot Stock?"
bought $200 worth what can go wrong ![...]
up 177% today !! at least i kept hold of it ![...]
On Navellier's "The World’s First Solar Monopoly"
did you see DQ was upgraded to buv by zacks analysts last night and on 24/01 Navellier associates purchased 29,400 shares they posted that 2018 order book is 90% full and Results being posted for FY2017 today . 1 downgrade to hold by Tudor Pickering. Eve[...]
On S&A Pro Trader (defunct)
Hi are you still using the Delta report from Jeff Clark I am comparing it to Briton ryles real income trader . I like the fact Jeff has an App for the phone have you used it as I am on the move Ill need something to action trades quickly. I am receiving[...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
Hi Pete i a recently into a small POTN position among quite a few others from this list and have been since October . Today POT is up again looks very strong potential , positive growth and order book wow let us know when you spot another at 0.0x REFG p[...]

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