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Has anyone heard the Stansberry / Eric Wade pitch for Cryptos that will make the next millionaires? Listened to the sales pitch and they say #1 is Bitcoin. The others were not named but were said to revolutionize the Credit Card Industry. And then Big Banks, Banking On Line, and Financial Fraud. This over the […]

Looking at semi conductor stocks and bought TSM for their advantage in nano tech. Also, I see MU at less than 4 PE. One sale at least this year for less than book value $31.25. Bought a 100 of that too but why is this seemingly so cheap?

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On Microblog: Bitcoin - is it a Ponzi Scheme or not?

I fully agree that crypto's will thrive in the future as the governments can't really control them. People will trust in their value holding up. Blockchain is like a perfect tracking system for anything.[...]

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On "The 'War' for 5G: 3 Little-Known Stocks to See 60X Gains"

60 Minutes aired a show recently re: an area of the Pacific Ocean where there are several million square miles of sea bed covered with rare earth elements. The rules for deep sea mining are set by an obscure U.N. agency called the International Seabed [...]

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On Near Future Report, The

I had a similar start when I subscribed last fall. I didn't notice that they start you out with your zip code as the password. Help # is 1 800 681 1765. You can also reach them at this web site -[...]

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