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Any idea what company Frank Curzio (Editor, Small Stock Specialist) * A Real, ”Cash-In-Your-Hand” 30% Dividend Why isn’t anyone talking about the biggest, most outrageous dividends in the public markets? I’m talking about a real, ”cash-in-your-hand” dividend so large it could change your life. What’s more, these are actually some of the safest – if […]

ANY IDEAS ? This fellow (AND others) are teasing this same stock…………… * Meet one of today’s most underhanded crooks. One whose epic crime spree results in $190 billion being stolen from unsuspecting people every year. I’m not talking about a shady banker, or corrupt politician. I’m not talking about a common street thug, either. […]

Frank Curzio Editor, Phase 1 Investor ​May 2013 ANY IDEA who he’s touting? A handful of tiny companies are creating the holy grail of computer technology — an ”app” for the entire planet. And it’s sparking a bidding war that could make you rich. ”Every person, place, and thing on this planet will be connected […]

March 22nd: Everything Becomes Obsolete New nanomaterial allows paper thin TVs, flexible phones, new oil and gas sensors, batteries that charge in seconds, and even invisible missiles. One company is monopolizing the resource needed to make it. Anyone which company and what he is pushing?

From Nick Hodge: Anybody know what he’s teasing? Over the next few months, you’ll have a front row seat to the turning point in America’s energy independence as nearly 85 million businesses and homes stop paying their electric bills. This is not a revolt, organized political stand, or protest against ”the corporations” — far from […]

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On Microblog: This Company is About to Smash a Mobile Crime Ring

Yes, I found it AFTER I posted. It is IWSY Regards[...]

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