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On Microblog: Gold to shoot to $10,000 US an ounce!!....says Richard. ...
paulinoz Guest paulinoz Thanks everyone for your responses…and Travis thanks for the substantial blatheration in your post recently which I had missed, it was a great read and explained much about Rickards sleazy MO I am reminded of a time in the 70s[...]
On Microblog: Gold to shoot to $10,000 US an ounce!!....says Richard. ...
How do I edit my post.?? There seems no way to do it. The bloody predictive text helpfully changed every Rickards to “Richards“ Technology ..Bah humbug[...]
On Microblog: What 3 stocks is Paul Mampilly pitching in his latest “ 37 trillion dollar tech boom?
Thanks Greg--I have emailed you Regards Paul[...]
On Microblog: What 3 stocks is Paul Mampilly pitching in his latest “ 37 trillion dollar tech boom?
On What the heck is "NanoCrystal Electricity?" Will it "Magically Power Everything" and "pay out 78 times your money?"
Culpable BS still being hosed over the gullible people 12 months on (at least), I mean HOW are these people even allowed to operate?? There have been a lot of comments lately here suggesting there should be a legal avenue to shut these thieves down[...]
On Microblog: Jim Rickards alarmist. Is there any truth to IMP replacing US Dollar as global currently with Distributed Ledgers or block chain?
Exactly. Lots of European countries gave their currency control up years ago when they were told how great the EU and the Euro would be for them. Yep that turned out well ...[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
So--I see now the price to access the "Money Calendar" has come down from thousands to $79.00 for two years if you want to be a member of the "Fast Fortune Club"--according to the looooong winded advertorial I just took 3 days to suffer through. I couldn't[...]
On Microblog: Project Prophesy- at least Jim Rickards stopped calling for the death of the dollar. But I just listened to a long winded
Hahahaha hahahahaha Rickards strikes again!!(AKA James Bond (not) "our man on the inside of the CIA FBI Pentagon, probably Kremlin, Buckingham Palace , 10 Downing street"--have I missed anyone?...And STYLE-wow - the sad remains of a mullet (I wondered a[...]
On What's the "Tiny $6 Million Company" with a "Stunning Patent Verdict?"
Just been reading the Mike Ward/Fitzgerald/Moors/Agora/Port Philip Publishing (are all newsletters/tip-sheets just one massive single company I wonder?) teaser for this in my inbox again last night-- I expect it to be recycled again on whatever schedule [...]
On Strategic Intelligence
Hi all My comments on the "Currency Wars Alert" page apply equally to this Rickards newsletter. Also one subscriber gives an enlightening summary of investment performance from the Rickards letter...bad ...[...]
On Currency Wars Alert
Agree with both the above posts. IMHO if you see anything with Rickard's name attached --delete it--that what I do now and feel much better for it. Really if he was the International Insider Supremo that his Hollywood storylines (Pentagon, CIA,FBI !!wh[...]
On Money Morning
I came across these people almost 25 years ago ( I think) They have written the same end of days articles for 25 years......successfully predicting 25 of the last 3 or 4 market collapses obviously pays well for them as they are still going strong.[...]

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