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Amazon’s $1.91 Trillion Bitcoin Shock

Just got this from Doug Hill at Choose Yourself Media about Amazon. What are your thoughts Travis? Has anyone else asked about it? Does it sound like they are teaming up with a specific company or are they going to start their own Cryptocurrency? You are the only person I know that might have […]

David Gardner’s Secret Backdoor to BitCoin Profits

Does anyone know what David Gardne’s ”secret backdoor to bitcoin is? It just arrived today:

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On Bull Market Report
Joined about a week ago. Great customer service. Site is VERY well laid out. Solid stock picks. NO BS on this site. Weekly updates tell you right where to start. I was not sure where to start so I emailed Todd Shaver. Within half a day he emailed me [...]
On Stock Gumshoe
I cannot begin to tell how much money I have saved over the years because of the Teaser articles here. Well worth the small cost. This is one service I will not stop using[...]
On Market Update
Just signed up this weekend and Mabel responded back almost immediately. Many thanks to her. As I have not even logged in yet I will keep my review to simply saying that the vast majority of the comments/reviews about the Tactical Investor are right here [...]
On Microblog: I 've come across another mention of the God Key this time as like the space race of the 60's only this time
Read an article on Yahoo Finance recently from the Motley Fool talking about Disruptor Stocks. While no mention of CRISPER or the God Key was mentioned, they did mention four companies heavily into Gene editing: CRISPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRSP), Editas[...]
On Keith Kohl and the $1 "Petroplex" Stock
OEDV just requested for deregistration:[...]
On Microblog: The ABR Indicator Signals Stock Moves With 85% Accuracy
The other point I wanted to make was that in watching the video AND reading the transcripts Tony was very open that his indicator did not deliver those monumental percentages it was his play on the options. In fact if memory serves me correctly a lot of t[...]
On Microblog: The ABR Indicator Signals Stock Moves With 85% Accuracy
Good morning everyone, I apologize for being a new investor and not knowing about everything. I did later read in Zack's that in normal circles ABR is Average Broker Recommendation and that of and by itself is a nearly worthless indicator. The only reas[...]

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