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The latest Casey tease

Today– 9/13–Doug Casey, the splendiferous stock bombshell poobah, sent me and a million others an email entitled ”Terrifying!” which requested a mere 2000 clams for a subscription to his CRISIS INVESTING, WHICH WILL FEATURE REVELATION OF TWO STOCKS HE WENT ON ABOUT WITHOLUT NAMING. Dear Sr. Gumshoe, please identify these two teases for us goggle-eyed […]

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On What's Jim Rickards' pitch for "Electrum" really about?
I still have the SAND I bought at your recommendation years ago, and I still look forward to its rising to what I paid for it! (I'm not complaining, merely noting.) You ask what other precious metal investments I might want to comment on. A few days ago I [...]
On Microblog: Aging: What’s All This about Preventing or Slowing It Down?
There may be a larger threat from wheat than the mild problems mentioned by Doc Gumshoe and even the pervasive GMO and bug spray dangers noted by one of the above letter commentators whose name I did not retain. Namely, an arguably toxic ingredient in wh[...]
On Microblog: Sleep: Getting Enough When We Need It
To avoid Ambien, which works but seems dangerous, what works for me is: (1) I take an OTC pill with multiple ingredients. Two good ones are Revitalizing Sleep Formula by Enzymatic and Sleep Thru by Gaia. Neither has any melatonin. Power to[...]
On IRM(72), The "Second Income Plan", and other "secrets"
Travis, didn't you recently decode a pitch for a $1.00 Brazilian gold stock? I've lost it...There's probably a way I can search on the Gumshoe website for this info --please tell me and your other electronically challenged readers (I can't be the only one)[...]
On "Birch Basin: America's secret energy discovery" Revealed
Nice to see Fission Uranium getting some publicity again. Back when it was rather unknown and well under a dollar, I opined in this space that I was more comfortable buying all I modestly could of outlier FCUUF shares rather than establishment Comeco shar[...]
On July Idea of the Month -- Fingerprints and Cash
In re uranium stocks, no one ever seems to mention (a) Fission Uranium Corp, FCUUF, still barely under $1.00 but up 70% for me, the survivor of Denison's absorption of its ancestor, much less (b) the more problematic Energy Fuels Inc., EFRFF, still well un[...]
On Microblog: Drug Patents and Generic Drugs: What Does This Mean to Us?
Cher maître-- Porter keeps intoning in his infallible way that there's really no actual gold around so all our gold "investments" are bogus. Question: the reality of actual gold bullion in ETFs may be one issue, but what about our gold financers like S[...]
On Microblog: What’s behind the deep dark plot to keep miracle cures concealed from the public?
Both my cardiologists have been strongly promoting statins to me for years, and for years I have read about the dangers of statins and refused to take them. A different doctor confirmed my chiropractor's advice that statins are bad for peripheral neuropath[...]
On "How to Double Your Money on 'The Next Whole Foods'"
Dear Gumshoe-- This is my first comment in the years I have gumshoed. I live in Austin, TX , and naturally go to stores here. I soon gave up on Whole Foods, it is so outrageously high-priced---for ordinary people, although of course perfectly ok for the a[...]

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