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Frontier (FTR): Undervalued or Not?

I prefer to invest in seriously undervalued stocks or buy puts against overvalued stocks that have near-term catalysts (eg LRN). I’m trying to decide what to do about a longer term play on FTR, however–a company I invested in back in its heyday but haven’t paid attention to recently until now. Here are a couple […]

XRTX: Good Time to Buy, or Wait and See?

Disclosure: As of yesterday I am long call options on XRTX. I’m debating whether to purchase more. Here are the stories that piqued my interest: I have reviewed all the referenced documents, including Baker Street Capital’s letter to the board (which in its own way is a passive stock teaser once people start […]

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On VIC -- Whitney Tilson's Big Short
Travis, thanks for profiling LRN for us. I dug in deep a few weeks ago and decided to buy Oct 19 puts, giving the company just enough time to report earnings. I made 1350% when I closed my position yesterday. Which made me think... why didn't I snatch [...]
On VIC -- Whitney Tilson's Big Short
I don't see this market rising indiscriminately any longer. This is the perfect time to pick shorts.[...]
On Chris Mayer's "Focus on Owner Operators"
The post date on Travis's comments is May 6 2013, and AFH was trading around 7.30 then. It would have been a great buy (along with most of the other stocks in the market) at that time.[...]
Most advertisements on the internet are false, especially ones sent to people who weren't raised on the internet. Be careful not to use all caps... it may attract sharks.[...]
On "Unmistakable Signal is Flashing 'Buy'" (David Gardner's Motley Fool pick)
At this point all of you who invested a year ago are up by about 100%. What are your thoughts now? Anyone worried about a near-term pullback? I love the technology, just wonder how long the market will support these valuations. Maybe 3 years from now it wi[...]
On "Unmistakable Signal is Flashing 'Buy'" (David Gardner's Motley Fool pick)
NFLX is at $300 today :) As you point out, all a matter of timing. The Gardners are buy-and-hold investors. Any buy recommendation they made on NFLX--at whatever price--has been vindicated.[...]
On "Unmistakable Signal is Flashing 'Buy'" (David Gardner's Motley Fool pick)
I see a time when architects design a building, foundations are dug by laser beam, and the a big 3D printer is wheeled out to spew the thing into existence overnight.[...]
On Microblog: 3d printing
I get the opportunity. Clearly this is a technology that can change the world. My question is whether to invest now, with the best companies trading at P/E of 100+ and the market ripe (in my opinion) for a general correction. Do you all believe these stock[...]
On "The best Motley Fool investing idea since AOL and in the 1990s"
True. If you think stocks are expensive based on the price of a share alone, without reference to other factors (such as earnings), you simply don't know enough to invest in stocks. You are the kind of investor who makes stock-trading profitable for everyo[...]

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