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3-D: Where do we invest?

Your Shoeness, It’s been a while since we heard from you re 3-D. I have DDD and have done OK, although it’s churning a bit now. Where do you think there’s a better return? 3-D is pretty much everything it’s been hyped up to be so far, but where are the probable future gainers?

Motley Fool;s Death of the PC.

Travis, you’ve probably written about this, from Motley Fool, but I’ve only just noticed it. Is it just wireless / mobile in general , or do they get more specific? ”The days of paying for costly software upgrades are numbered. The PC will soon be obsolete. And BusinessWeek reports 70% of Americans are already using […]

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On What's Navellier's "$22 Biotech Stock to Hit $44?"
Well, Karma Swim Swami, this brings up an interesting point, doesn't it? They're a slimeball company - I'm sure you're right about that as an insider - but they do make money for their investors. So it's a moral issue. Travis occasionally tiptoes into mora[...]
On "New York Biotech Stock To Soar 997% As Stem Cell Market Explodes In 2012"
Travis, what is this 15% thing? Is is possible to find out from JB what he's talking about? I'm in a 9% Bond Fund right now and even that's not entirely guaranteed.[...]
On My Facebook Play Selling a Bit More
Travis, you said you bought via international brokers. But could you tell me how to actually do that, please?[...]
On New Pre-Facebook Buy
They won't let me do this on my Schwab account. How do I buy it?[...]
On New Pre-Facebook Buy
Travis, I've been trying to jump on for days, but Schwab won't recognize MLRUY as a valid symbol. Interestingly, Yahoo Finance has no trouble with it. How did you buy it, if I may ask?[...]
On 2011 Turkey of the Year
Not a comment, a question. As an Irregular, do I get to see your personal portfolio? I seem to remember this being offered. I hope it's possible. I've already done well on a stock I know you hold.[...]

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