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On Market Update
Very happy so far. Customer service is fantastic as stated by so many previous subscribers. All my questions were answered and I am very happy with my investments so far. I plan on renewing my subscription.[...]
On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"
Travis, the work you do is amazing. Thank you. I invest in TROX, don't ask me why.[...]
On Microblog: Option Rocket
I hope it works out for you! I would really love to hear how it goes. Feel free to email me:[...]
On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"
In short, there is no trade war. There is no "China taking advantage of the US". Instead, there only was a guy named Richard Nixon who in the 70's went to China, to see whether American goods could be produced cheaper in the China, for the likely purpose[...]
On Solving the Healthy Returns pitch: "Retire 10 TIMES RICHER" -- What's their "#1 Best Biotech to Cure Your Retirement Money Worries?"
Can you furnish links to: "More people die with low cholesterol than with high."[...]
On Microblog: Option Rocket
I just watched Kyle's presentation for his new Dollar Ace. I was weak and signed up. I do believe there is some validity to unusual option activity. That is what this service is based on. I will let you know how the trades go.[...]
On Microblog: Option Rocket
You just saved yourself $1499... and a lot of losses.[...]
On Microblog: angels + entrepreneurs network
Not sold yet. I'll sit on the side lines till I'm comfortable.[...]
On Microblog: angels + entrepreneurs network
Thanks for all the insight. Like others I will stand by the sideline till I'm clear of all aspects of this opportunity.[...]
On Microblog: Option Rocket
Wow! Glad I read this. I am so tempted by his Dollar Ace service because I love trading options and would love an options signal service that works the way he's claiming it does. But these reviews and the high price have put me off. He wants $1499 for a y[...]
On 25 Cent Trader
Possibly she may be referring to what used to be called "amateur hour", which was between 9:30 and just after 10 am. This occurred many years ago when humans were trading, rather than today's robots doing most of the the trading. People used to watch TV s[...]
On Weiss Ultimate Portfolio
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Tried their heat map, super wealth cycle, and marijuana millionaire. Every one a dud, and they constantly drum you for more money.[...]
On Morningstar Premium Membership
Wouldn’t think of investing without checking in at Morningstar. Several decades of experiences with them and I am very pleased. I do use a couple of other services to validate their observations, but find most of the time M is pretty conservative and c[...]
On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"
Does the reverse split in Nov. of '17 reflect today's 691+ million shares outstanding or not? Did they really have almost 7 billion shares OS at one time?[...]
I do. I have been a member of the service since May. Buys and sells are recommended every week and have featured NEPT, CRON, TURV, CURLF, etc. Very disappointed in the service. I paid for 2 years worth @ $2400. Prorated refund over 12 months (meaning [...]
On Microblog: How You Can Profit From the $1 Trillion “1531(b) Program”
I didn't listen, I just read the transcript: Dear Reader, Starting just days from now, a select but highly powerful group virtually hand-picked by the Obama administration will lay the groundwork for an audacious new law... It will have a longer-las[...]
On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"
I subscribe to all of Casey's newsletters and find their recommends to be well developed. However, I "wait a while" on jumping into some of them (if at all) as they can be a little early for me. However, I am pleased with the work they put out as I woul[...]
On "Marijuana Profit-Sharing Plan" teased: What are Jim Pearce's "Marijuana Payouts?"
If down 6% is tanking, then we also need to make up a reason for why it was up 8% earlier in the week... right? That's a volatile stock, I haven't seen anything specific to the business, sometimes it helps to remember that these moves happen regularly and[...]
On Microblog: John Doody
The free stock was Belo Sun VNNHF with a 10X target said a buy under .80[...]
On Angel's "World's First Trillionaires Will Come From THIS" pitch, detangled
aaahh-ite Now, Gum Shoer's, I got the whole list of 5G stocks from Matt McCall, I'm damn sure not buying every one of them. So what are all the one's Jeff Brown is selling? I know NOKIA (NOK) is one of them. Errickson (ERIC). It's simple with me, I'm only[...]

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