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On 2019 Turkey of the Year
Here are a few that disappointed a lot of people in 2019 - all Canadian penny stocks - SX; GRAT; IDK; ICM; SPOT; AIIM; HI and the list goes on Happy Thanksgiving to all - cheers[...]
On Migraine Update
Thank you for your thoughts - have tried but to no benefit - we have great faith and believe the answer / her well-being lies right before us[...]
On Migraine Update
As a parent of a child who suffers from migraines to the extreme - passing out because of the pain... with the greatest respect I offer much of the above plus most all research/ literature to date is cumulative opining that relies on "the past to present c[...]
On Stutman's "New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household" Pitch
Curious - is Sprint a long term part of 5G business (in their current form) or will they be morphed / absorbed into another entity[...]
On What's "The Banker's Coin?" Will it Help You "Make a Fortune in the New Era of Crypto?"
Travis, would you be referring to JP Morgan whose leader, "Jamie Dimon infamously called BTC a fraud" last year... all the while his own people in JPM have been involved in blockchain / crypto-currency research (including BTC) for years or were you referri[...]
On Friday File: Portfolio Hodgepodge -- One New Speculation, an Add-on Buy, and Check-ins on Some Dividend Growth stocks and Altius
Fortis I may be corrected on this but believe Fortis - FTS (CA and USA) is the longest running and only stock that has consistently increased its dividend every year going back to 1972 amongst all USA and Canadian equities[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
SX - blockchain plus mineral reserves in Iceland... GRAT - graphene - specifically tires - they are some very interesting things in their pipeline[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Now that was a stupid question - my interst is in Aimovig, made by Amgen and Novartis... any insight / side effects that can be offered is appreciated[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Avanir Migraine Drug approval just announced - any insight / side effects / etc. that can be offered at this time[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Can we expect any coverage of St. Georges Eco Mining (CA:SX) or Gratomic, CA:GRAT[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Do USA REIT's move / react to the market differently than other REIT's (ie: are USA REIT's influenced by different factors than REIT's in other countries / domained in other countries - for example Canadian REIT's / Aussie REIT's / European REIT's[...]
On Friday File, Part Two: Grant's Conference Notes
RE: blockchain comments above - seems most are making outdated references - if you want a better idea of where the technology is heading consider looking at a penny stock "SX" (St Georges Eco Mining) listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange[...]
On Motley Fool's "Next Generation of 'Hidden Millionaires' Pitch
WIR.u - Major tenant mix as of May 2017 GLA occupied (millions sf) % Total portfolio GLA % Total rental revenue General Mills Operations, LLC 1.5 9.7% 6.8% Unilever Home & Personal Care[...]
On Bottarelli's "Next Major Biotech Takeover"
The newsletter writers have been "suggesting" an OPKO takeover for years - it had a good run a few years back - up to approximately $21 back then but obviously fallen... yet Frost keeps buying although his purchases are lower volume recently[...]
On Supplements and Drugs: the Feud Redux
An interesting post... just think however if the North American diet consisted of more alkaline foods and ingestibles than the favoured acidic foods and ingestibles the need for north American medicine and supplementation would be drastically reduced[...]
On "On September 16, some 100 billion dollars could begin to flow into one sector of the market..."
although not a REIT, (Brookfield Asset Management) BAM has a high exposure to real estate and continues to perform well[...]

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