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On Friday File: Two New Small-Cap Buys in Hated Businesses, Two (partial) Big Tech Sales
Travis! Did a lot of research and Disagree with your promotion of Tiptree (TIPT). The facts I found are: This company has returned negatively to investors over the last 5 years. It has also reduced it's dividend regularly during the same period. Revenues[...]
On Kramer teases you can "Get Rich from the Big Box that Amazon Can’t Crush!"
Second that opinion. They opened a big one near me in Las Vegas...wife "had" to go. We walked out thinking it was more like a high class flea market than anything else.[...]
On Checking out Churchouse's "could easily double" Japanese teaser pick
Pure speculation---and if you are into that sort of thing and believe a little guy can take on the big guys in a dwindling business sector, press on. Travis is correct in observing that golf interest/spending is on the wane after probably having peaked mi[...]
On Motley Fool Canada's "Death of TV" Stock
My experience: Signed up for a "once in a lifetime" deal on an energy newsletter by this "expert". Immediately bombarded by 8-10 other newsletter offers and/or upgrades to his "insider" letters PER DAY! No matter what I did, could not shut them off -- n[...]
On What's the "Tiny 'Spare Change' Stock Set To Deliver $87 Million Windfall?"
Good quick analysis. There may be a short lived "pop" when a profit is announced in May, but it should probably be taken as just that. Any long term prospects seem slow and shallow at best and there certainly are a lot better opportunities out there to kee[...]
On Friday File: Portfolio Updates, Positioning and more
Good questions since I, too, own both. Travis?[...]
On "Project Ironman" and some Quarterly Updates
QCOM is an really interesting (and risky?) situation. So many things coming into play here. Yes Apple and FTC lawsuits are well defined, but if not resolved favorably and soon for QCOM, others (eg SAMSUNG) will likely also bring billion dollars worth of c[...]
On "I’ve Found a Small Tech Stock That Will Triple Your Money in the Next 24 Months"
perhaps it is asian marine services pcl (ASIMAR:Thailand Stock Exchange) which has seen a lot of activity as a result of some newsletter attention.[...]
On "Here’s the Most Likely Tech Stock to Earn You Windfall Profits in 2015…"
On "Get in on the 'Ground Floor' of America's Next Great Royalty Business"
The markets will have long taken that into account before the actual September date... May have already![...]
On "This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy..." (Dr. Kent Moors)
Hydro??? The environmentalists hate dams don't you know. Just like they hate coal, gasoline and things nuclear. And for goodness sake, don't chop down any trees or build windmills that scare the birds![...]

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