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Hi everyone, I have been a buy and hold investor since I started investing. I have not delved into options but want to learn them. Do any of you have any thoughts on a particular book or service that does the best job educating and presenting in the most objective way possible on how options […]

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On Motley Fool's "Goosebumps" Pitch for a "Hidden 5G Superstar"
Cardano, my apology. I was in a bad mood last night. However, please consider being more concise.[...]
On Motley Fool's "Goosebumps" Pitch for a "Hidden 5G Superstar"
What is the purpose of this post? Who has time to read rants? Is there a way to ignore non-Irregulars?[...]
On Friday File: 5G Time!
Travis, although you touched on AMT above, why do you prefer CCI over AMT?[...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
What's the relevance to TRXC in this disucssion?[...]
On Microblog: Learning Options
Lynn, thank you and sorry for delayed response.[...]
On Microblog: Learning Options
keysnofool, thank you.[...]
On Microblog: Learning Options
Gr8Full! Thank you![...]
On Microblog: Learning Options
pair, Highly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to respond.[...]
On Friday File: Portfolio Hodgepodge -- One New Speculation, an Add-on Buy, and Check-ins on Some Dividend Growth stocks and Altius
Travis, what program or platform did you use to compile those 13 stocks?[...]
On Solved: Robinson's "Shape-Shifting 'Smart Metal'" Tease for 4,000% Gains?
Travis, this is a very helpful post. The Irregulars Quick Take is worth the price of admission. If you're a guest, consider being an Irregular.[...]
On Motley Fool's "Our $1 Million Bet for 2018"
I agree with guests Tom & Britt. Motley Fool Rule Breakers is well worth the money and the new picks are often recycled if the pick seems to have running room. A friend has Stock Advisor and from what I have heard, that service is also well worth it. These[...]
On Whither Facebook?
Ethically this feels like Wells Fargo which I also sold right after watching that stunningly inept performance by John Stumpf in front of Congress. This is far worse than Wells Fargo for society at large. Zuckerberg's silence reminds me Stumpf's behavior. [...]
On Whither Facebook?
I sold. Had a cost basis of $38 and meant to keep this for the very long haul. However, I'm offended at how they have handled themselves in the wake of their affect on our democracy. No amount of profit was going to make me feel good about hanging on to th[...]
On Motley Fool's "'Total Conviction' Stock Looks to Us Like Facebook Before Its IPO"
Its the TTD. Travis is correct.[...]

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