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On Friday File: Tesla, Facebook, India and Marijuana... Disjointed Thoughts Following a Disruptive Week
Take a look in your mirror and then go to AOL, where all the other trolls go, to post your not very clever political points, not here.[...]
On Jeff Brown's Cryptocurrency Pitch: "President Trump’s secret new '$10 billion dollar' tech investment…"
Travis states "I don’t know what the future holds for Micron, and I’m skeptical whether there’s any real connection to blockchain mining". Who is correct???[...]
On What's that "August 28 ICO" pitch from Martin Hutchinson about?
Why is this any different the "Hayek" coin by Anthem Gold?[...]
On What's that "August 28 ICO" pitch from Martin Hutchinson about?
Hayek has been around since 2015 so why is this any different or better?[...]
On "Sig-1" and the Reversal of "79-Year-Old Grandma's Alzheimer's" pitched by Casey
I thought BIOGEN was the answer to this terrible disease[...]
On Oxford Club says you can "Collect Ninefold Gains on the Company That’s Perfected ‘Ultra-Lithium’”
Toyota owns 25%......[...]
On What's Dave Lashmet's "Biggest Ever Breakthrough for treating Alzheimer's Disease?"
Thanks! Will give it a try![...]
On Explaining "26(f) Programs" and the "Retirement Blackout" on April 10 teased by Keith Fitz-Gerald
Tell that to John Edwards, Hillary and a whole bunch more that they called correctly![...]
On Hoppmann's Three "Ride the Infrastructure Megatrend" Stocks
CBI touted as the one to buy when B.O. got elected and he was going to rebuild all the infrastructure with those shovel ready jobs. I bought in then but it never happened. Will it be different this time....?[...]
On Microblog: Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Options and Possible Treatment Approaches
Always an informative read. This one especially as wife has been diagnosed with early onset. Tried both of the go to chemicals that they all prescribe (Donepezil, Namenda) just so they can say they did something with disasters results! Read about some natu[...]
On Microblog: Forget Bitcoin?? by Wall Street Daily
Awhile back I read an article about a new gold backed currency but forgot the name, does anybody know?[...]
On August Idea of the Month: Catching a Falling Fosun
I trade globally through Everbank and that is where the 500 share limit was posted. Do you mean that they can place an order for less if I speak with a broker there instead of online?[...]
On August Idea of the Month: Catching a Falling Fosun
Ask today was $13.32 down from a high of $22.00. Why does this equity put a 500 share minimum to buy?[...]
On Microblog: Recommendations on how to learn how to trade options?
Schwab has Options Express with very good tutorials[...]

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