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hi, Just found your site poking around for an answer to stansberry best investment. thanks. do you think all the gloom and doom about the collapse of the us/world financial system is true — US trillions in debt, deflation, and so on. thanks,

We would like to ask you or anyone on your team whether Crown Star Investment Ltd Hong Kong and European desk run by Steven Young is considered as genuine, bona fide or serious investment company ? We understand fully that any reply or comments from you are neither binding nor guaranteed etc… Kind regards

Via Stansberry, James Altucher is teasing a $2500 investment letter touting substantial gain saying he is connected to the early phase investors. Thoughts?

I subscribed to this service for two years and it was very “Top Notch” at the time. In the last year everything seems to have degraded dramatically. They do not send me my due subscription alerts and never answer email, which they used to be very good at. Since the last pull back in the […]

I received a really fancy Email about something called Fast Cash Biz. It was a long presentation and I stuck with it until I could figure out what it was about. These 2 young people said they made $35,837 in 24 hours and made 55 million in 3 years. Sort of used Elfrig’s presentation for […]

This small firm (no longer listed) had lots of potential in the graphene area, so I bought some shares. Later a BDC using apparently legal machinations, had it absorbed into another company and the outside stockholders were forced (no choice) to sell their stock for a very little appreciation. If this is legal, why would […]

I am curious if you have ever heard of this company NeuVentures on Wall Street. It is run by a supposed pastor who charges what I believe to be exorbitant fees to to learn how to trade options. One of my relatives has already spent over $20,000 to attend seminars, one of which is a […]

Folks, I would like to hear or see some response to all of these sites out there proclaiming the end of the dollar by the IMF. These articles are now touting the 20th of Oct as the end of time for anyone with a 401 or Ira. I would like to know what your people […]

Hi Travis, Hope your event went well? I was wondering if you can put some light on this subject matter and find the parent company Comcast has partnered up with to lower energy cost, and at the same time introduce all of Comcasts customers an offer to receive free premium TV channels and other bonuses? […]

Do you know anything about this dooms day guy by the name of Bill Bonner from Agora????? He says he has correctly predicted many sell offs in the past. I have never even heard of him. Why doesn’t he get any press??????

I’ve been getting e-mails saying that a market crash is imminent, that stocks, bonds and cash will be affected, and that if I subscribe I can ’ride it out and possibly even make a profit’. I just want to know if I should listen or not — my inheritance is riding on it. All I […]

Travis, big fan and I’m a premium member. Just an observation… Naturally if someone is following your page, they understand that a strong dollar normally means lower commodity prices. In a world averages and means, since the dollar is 8% off a 10 years high, would be fair to say that gold is doing its […]

First let me say yours is one of my favorite newsletter!!…and I tried many b/4 I ran accross yours Recently ran accross this prox $3+ stock that pays a MONTHLY dividend of $.1083 ( x 12 = $1.30/yr)…so you getting about a 40% YIELD!!! Looked at the financials and it has a decent income and […]

What are your thoughts about the current value of CJES around $4.50? Do you think it is a bargain at this price? A lot of analysts thought it was a bargain at $20!!! Is there any chance of it going bankrupt looking at its financials? Thanks

Have you addressed the continuing forecasting of the demise of the US Dollar, by; Dent, Stansberry, Casey, Rickards, Sen. Paul, and others with less apocalyptic views. The loudest voices, of course, have the most to sell.. These come via email and good old US Mail. I am not a trained economist, so the amount of […]

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On The "Green Light" Trade Again, Uranium Update, and some Buys and Sells in my Portfolio

Just the other day, Kent Moore issued a sell-to-close recommendation for the put leg of the USO strangle. Depending on when one got into the trade, the return is easily triple-digit. Now the idea is to ride the potential oil recovery with the call leg[...]

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On Microblog: Lancashire

Travis, and thoughts about the steep decline of LRE after they have the special dividend? I am long as you are, and iI am thinking to add to my position because, because after the last conference call nothing bad has happened Appreciate your opinion[...]

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On Will FT-900 Bring about the "next 9/11" in April, 2014? What is Jeff Opdyke talking about?

Porter Stansberry is touting another newsletter claiming that on July 1, 2014 there will be a secret provision in H.R. 2847 that will affect all Americans in many ways. states that it is unproven while Snopes has an extensive analysis of[...]

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On "The Industrial Pioneer of India ... an unprecedented opportunity for growth."


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On "The best Motley Fool investing idea since AOL and in the 1990s"

Tibco is getting crushed again today after weak earnings and margins released yesterday, FYI.[...]

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On Microblog: Natural Gas Price Trends?

HCSG sounds interesting from your description but I've never looked at them, will throw them on the pile for perusing in the future. Natural gas seems to me like it's going to be in a range for a long time -- prices rise a bit when the more expensive [...]

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On Special Situation Survey

I’ve been a subscriber to Forbes Special Situation Survey Newsletter for over 12 years. I’ve found if you don’t cherry pick which monthly stock you buy, but instead buy a set dollar amount of each monthly stock recommendation you will avg 15%. They s[...]

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On My Top Ten for 2013

Direct versus Nondirect refers to the ownership -- so it would be direct if an individual owns the shares, indirect if that individual's family trust or something owned the shares. I don't consider that to be particularly meaningful. Automatic sale mea[...]

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On My Top Ten for 2013

Looking over the insider transactions for GLRE made me realize the difficulties in interpreting such data. I’m not sure what direct and indirect actions are, what automatic sale means, what open and non-open means, why in this case for example non-open t[...]

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On Predicting Friday's Pick by a Newsletter of "one of the truly great businesses"

You sent me this about EXPD on the same day I got this : Some buy, some sell, I guess that's what make a market[...]

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On Predicting Friday's Pick by a Newsletter of "one of the truly great businesses"

When does Ferris release his pick on Friday?[...]

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