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I see there’s a new rule being implemented next month(?) for OTC stocks. Will this affect any of your holdings, and if so, are you making any changes as a result thereof?

Hi Travis, I realized today that volume of almost all 20 stocks that I have, dropped significantly. This is rare and unusual and means money is moving somewhere else such as special stocks(SPAC’s), different sector, Bitcoin, or going out of market and cashed (due to new virus in UK, stock values being high, end of […]

The word from Stansberry is get in NOW or you stand to lose everything. How do you feel about getting into bitcoin now. One Bitcoin will be worth $250,000 by 2020…so he says! Thanks,

Travis, What are your thoughts on NIO, Chinese electric car maker, and NNDM, Nano Dimensions? I’ve purchased both recently and they have recently jumped up significantly in value. Thanks for all your work and insights.

I’ve really enjoyed your Premium service. I’ve cancelled all my other advisory services. While I can’t say I’ve gotten rich following your recommendations, I an CERTAIN I’ve saved a lot of money by not buying. You’ve mentioned Trailing Stop Losses, advising that you use alerts rather than orders. I think this question would apply to […]

Just seen on Face Book a company called DatChat offering IPO’s. They give you their web site that you can go to, to buy shares and they offer free shares also. was wondering if you seen this and what your thought’s might be.

I really enjoy reading your articles & discussions. But I am puzzled, what happens when the market ”crashes” & a reader is not nimble enough to get out? Has it not been getting lower & lower & as it jumps up & down? Is it that experienced investors with large portfolios can handle the losses […]

I was wondering what you thought of StillCanna SCNNF it’s just that markets and advisory services a putting it out there as great but I see they pay some company like over 40,000 to advertise and tout, so I see the price has diminished since it’s inception on the OTC I just don’t know what […]

I have to start out by saying that I think these Gumshoe articles are great, & I don’t like putting people on the spot ( or people doing that to me), but I have a question to ask partly out of genuine curiosity, partly out of concern for my stock. Don’t take it as a […]

Any news in the rare earth realm? I am looking at Texas Mineral Resources Corp volume is up over the last month and feels like China situation will be a long haul. Is it time to look at US mining stocks?

If 5G is going to change the world and you feel Tower companies will benefit greatly what about LMRK which gets 60% of its income renting to Tower companies and pays 10% while you wait for .If Tower companies need many new towers LMRK will greatly benefit.

I’d like to know if anyone has any experience working with Bryan Perry and his Quick Income Trader advisory service. His pitch comes in the form of the ”500% Profit Summit”. It consists of guided covered calls and naked puts against blue chip stocks. Gains are claimed to be anywhere from 40% to 100%, with […]

ISRACANN Biosciences (3 marijuana licences acquired in Israel) merging or being acquired by Atlas Blockchain (formerly Atlas Cloud). ISRACANN (AKE ON CSE). Offer coming out $0.51 per share and includes $0.34 warrant to be exercised within 2 years. While concept is focused on producing pot at $0.40 per gram, stock is halted as they properly […]

Has anyone tried the WEISS ULTIMATE PORTFOLIO which claims to beat the NASDAQ by a factor of 2 and with less risk than is involved in buying Amazon etc? Five years for $1997. Does anyone know if its track record supports its claims? Its method sounds good – buy the top 10 stocks out of […]

Hi Travis,ran across an add or a site where you can buy a position in High Times,think it’s a pot magazine, for as little as $99.00 before the go public at $11.00 a share.Have you ever heard of something like that and what do you think?Also the news from lxxgf is commercialization of their product […]

Travis, Have you seen They claim to be the future of money and offer gold with a yield? Any thoughts? Thanks for all your great work.

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On Cash Machine's "Enroll in the Next 24 Hours" pitch for 8.53% Income Fund

The Thinkolator may have misfired on this one. While I agree that everything you wrote, another fund in the Cash Machine portfolio fits better except for the x-div date. PFFA is about the same on yield and is certainly closer to CD safety than ACV since [...]

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On Microblog: Discussion page for Arch Therapeutics (ARTH)

From Lululeman: I did want to remind everyone that things changed when Avtar joined ARTH. He is a known shyster.......everyone was concerned abut his history but KSS felt Norchi would keep him in tow. I think they are bleeding ARTH dry with their 350K sal[...]

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On Microblog: ABF: the unknown underdog.

well done[...]

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On Jim Rickards, Saudi Arabia, and the "Great Currency Shock of 2016"

I am seeing that the May 20, 2016 put TUR160520P00035000 is selling today for $.28 (-37.78%) and the stock price today is $43.42. There is an open interest of 4,088. The price has been increasing from about $34 at the time you wrote the article. I know[...]

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On "Major Announcement Due by March 31" -- What's the "Bionic Surgeon" Looking for imminent FDA Approval?

Thank you.[...]

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On Microblog: Global Water Crisis and Desalination

As a followup to my earlier posed question, what is your thought on American Water Works (AWK) as a long term investment? I'm still painfully new to investing, and readily admit that I don't specifically know what I'm doing a great majority of the time, bu[...]

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