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Penny Stocks to buy

just wanted to say your articles are awesome im knew at this n reading your articles really help ,just wandering is there any penny stocks that you recommend to buy for a short rise in price (% wise to make $ ) high risk high reward , patience pays off i guess but would love […]

Getting money back from Coinbase

I have a question concerning cryptos and then sending them to exchanges. Please keep in mind I am new to this and not tech savvy nor am I some young person who has a quick grasp on new technology. But I do know when I have money that disappears from my accounts! When I first […]

Silver Deficit

I was reading the article about silver and Jim Fink back in March, 2017. I have been investing for over 35 years and have been in precious metals since 1998. Don’t believe the predictions about a silver deficit and astronomical prices. The deficit ploy and that old song and dance has been used for decades. […]


Thank you, Travis, for providing an invaluable service to all of us interested in stock picks. I have benefited from your research, e.g., SHOP, and look forward to your newsletters. You bring clarity to the hype, and for this I am grateful. I would love to know your opinion on NVEE, TAL, OSTK and TEUM […]

Call option on S&P 500

Hi Travis, I hope you are doing well ! Thanks for every content you built up recently, pretty much appreciated. Especially when sharing your thoughts on geopolitical and economical shift recently. I had a small question regarding your view on the call option (the 20% fall down assurance) you took on the S&P500 ? I […]

inverse ETFs

Richard Band wrote: ”an inverse ETF rises when stocks go down. You can purchase this kind of protection in amounts that can hand you $3 for every $1 you want to insure.” What is he writing about? Can you explain? THANKS!!!

Where to buy stocks

Dear Travis, I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter for over a month now and absolutely love your detailed articles and analyses of the latest teased stocks – so much so that I would like to buy into some myself! However, one question I have not seen answered anywhere on Stock Gumshoe is WHERE exactly do […]

China Stocks

Steve S. at Stansberry is pushing China stocks again in a big way. His 1-tap App teaser is about Tencent WeChat app….. He also pushes his BAT Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent which are all held in KraneShares KWEB Have any insights on any of these? Thanks


Do you know of any international newsletter that comb international markets for breakthrough technologies such as clean energy, clean water, new companies with possible new tech or products in international markets. Many places most investors fail to look. Just wondering as its hard to find info. I am a gumshoe subscriber. Thanks, Patrick

ETF Question

I would appreciate your insights and specific on ETF…I am a subscriber senior citizen WW11 Vet and confused. Which ETF are good….safe…best dividends…Good Growth…Value Your expertise would be appreciated Thank you for your fine work

Bioamber (BIOA)

can you please have someone review BIOA, on the New York exchange. I bought it at $3.50 and it tanked as the staff did not give us news they were withholding at the OGIB conference. I also would like your opinion on the comeback for this company since it is planning a huge expansion with […]

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