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Does anyone have a handle on Ian Wyatt’s Pre IPO Investment Research? He claims to have investment ideas which allow you to get into some of the upcoming hot IPOs. Any thought on the validity of these and have they worked out?

Guys, I just listened to the Oxford Clubs ”seminar” on the impending surge in the use of Biosimilar drugs in the US. They want you to subscribe to a newsletter and will give you the five ”best” stocks to retire on if you pay the price. Does anyone have any idea what they are as […]

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On Microblog: Investing in pre IPOs

Is there a way to get into such hot IPOs such as Snap, Uber, Spotify etc[...]

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I just listened to Larry Edelson's Webinar re Jr Mining Stocks. He mentions three particularly enticing issues. Do you have any notion as to what they are?[...]

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On Microblog: Yellow Eyes, White Powders, and an Unknown Nordic Biotech That May Green Things Up for Investors

Wow! Lost 70% of my investment in RGDO today. Dr KSS may be brilliant but he doesn't have a crystal ball.[...]

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On Microblog: Antibiotics Don't Get No Respect, But You Can Still Profit From Them

Travis, Judging by today's performance, it looks like your site exerts more influence than you think. AKAO up 6% and CTIX up 9%.[...]

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On From Rheumatism to RA: A Basic Change in Understanding

Thanks for a very cogent and comprehensive article on RA. The one area you did not mention is cost. My wife has had RA for nine years now. She was initially treated with MTX with unsatisfactory results. When Enbrel became available, she was switched to it [...]

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On Microblog: Stansberry Alpha newsletter

Travis, I just received Stanberry's ALPHA Strategy also. What is your opinion in general on the strategy of selling put options?[...]

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On Top Teases of 2012!

Travis, I'm new to the irregulars, but I've been following you as a free member for over a year. I see where Lou Basenese has made your top ten for 2012 with his pick of Authentec. I recently received a tease for his Micro Cap Tech Trader. He'll send you[...]

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