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Anyone thinking about uranium mining stocks? Saw an article about proposed modern reactors being built again in the US. Of course, new ideas about better fission has been around a long time, but heard Trade Genius mention it, so just curious. The charts of some look decent, but I am no expert.

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On Thinkolating on the "Tesla Killer" -- what's the "Breakthrough 'Quantum Glass' Battery"

I did a quick calculation for fun and found a 220V household circuit running at 20 amps for about 12 minutes provides enough energy to move a low air drag vehicle 1000 miles at about 45mph assuming a 50% efficient delivery. All rough approximations and r[...]

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On Seeking Alpha

thanks that is great information! I like how you use the Platinum card[...]

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On Microblog: Best way to calculate how much to sell.

I like the wide stop loss. But how wide is that percentage wise? I remember setting a stop loss about 30% down on a tech stock years ago in a market disruption event, they drove the price in a sharp V down to my stop loss and sold me there, then the pri[...]

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On Microblog: Kensington Capital - Lithium Batteries

Have not, the lawsuit does not sound good though.[...]

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On Microblog: Blue Gas, the Tesla Killer

There is a ton of research going on in energy storage, and this has been going on intensively for many years. Batteries traditionally have incremental gains, no major breakthroughs (but anything is possible). Other technologies tend to have bigger sudden c[...]

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