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All the very best in the New Year to you Travis, Myron, Doc Gumshoe and the Gumshoe community. Although I usually have nothing to say, I enjoy the columns and replies immensely, even if they tend to keep me from work!!!

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On Navellier's "Five Times Your Money in a Stock That Stops Cancer"

The reaction of Dr.Kss is good enough for me !!![...]

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On Taste of the Friday File: What if You're Wrong?

I can certainly appreciate what Jillsami has written. I am not quite as old, but certainly close, therefore am very conscious of the limited time remaining in my life. BGS (before Gumshoe) I dabbled willy-nilly in the market and certainly lost way more mo[...]

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On 2015 Turkey of the Year!

Can't believe the number of turkeys I have bought over the last year...thinking of opening a turkey farm...any takers ???? (:[...]

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On March Idea of the Month: Back to Baby Berkshire?

Ditto to all above. Although I don't comment much, I look forward to the daily writings and devour them with great relish. Hope there is at least another 8 years of writing in you !!!![...]

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On "One Device to End All Disease ... And It Costs Less Than $50"

Wow, that was certainly an interesting read !!!![...]

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On Microblog: Is Any Big Pharma Outfit NOT Interested in Buying This Little-Known Biotech?

Yes, excellent as always...perhaps more so. Being well past the "magic" 65 this article hit home. Fortunately I am still healthy and active. The comments on OXBT and CLDN are a bonus. Thanks for the read.[...]

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On "The Mysterious Secret of Canada’s East Island Volcano"

I love the looks and idea of diamonds. Bought some Stornaway stock 4 years ago and have been trying to recoup at least 50% of my investment. I'll watch DDC closely but warily !![...]

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On "This Tiny, Unknown Biotech is About to Unleash Its ‘Holy Grail’ Drug"

I must say that this has been one of the most interesting series of comments...even educational.[...]

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On Microblog: What’s Happening in Cancer Treatment? Are We Making Progress, or Are We Stuck?

Very interesting indeed. Since cancer has been rampant in my immediate family, I am very conscious of anything new regarding "cures". I am astounded at the very high figure of "all cancers for men" compared to women. Is that correct?? Thanks for the arti[...]

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On Updated Personal Top Holdings

I would like to add my thanks as well Travis. I tend to be a pretty impetuous trader (it was more of a hobby), thus am still about 60000. in the red.... However since I started reading your teasers and explanations about certain stocks, I am slowly gaining[...]

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On Portfolio Notes for a Delay

Hi Travis...impressed so far!! What is this nonsense (?) by Bryan Perry re:The $1720 iPhone miracle...[...]

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