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On What's "The Banker's Coin?" Will it Help You "Make a Fortune in the New Era of Crypto?"

Great discussion. I still don't "get it". Why all the fuss about anonymity ans secrecy if transactions are open and honest? Seems a lot of dreamers think they can get rich from devious means and schemes. Am I wrong? Thx Roger[...]

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On Seismic Profits Alert

OK - If the "win" record is 80% loss, what if we do the opposite, shouldn't that give us an 80% win? Thx[...]

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On Microblog: Tesla Killer

Travis - the link /2016/09/penny... does not work for me. Can you please look this up and send it to me? roger.bryenton@earthlink.net thx. Roger[...]

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On Fool's "Could This $4.05 Small Cap Be the Next Netflix?"

DHXM - hit over $5.50 so I sold 2/3, but now down to $3. What gives? Pump and dump???[...]

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On What's DeHaemer's "The Most Disruptive Technology Since the Internal Combustion Engine" Ad All About?

We have not addressed transportation efficiency well. Smart Cars and Teslas are fine for consumers. For businesses, is a Carbon-fibre and electric vehicle the answer? Seems a little "advanced". How about hybrid - fuel and electric, with aluminum/fibreg[...]

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On What's the "Jupiter Engine" Being Teased by the Oxford Club?

YES - snake oil folks. The Calgary 860MW conventional natural gas plant cost $1.5 Billion, $2000/MW. This is double what a new untested technology is purported to cost? I estimate about 4 times the cost what NET "hopes" for. To think that CBI can be [...]

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On Mega Friday File: Portfolio Updates, Rick Rule's 7 Deals, and Curzio's Little Gold Hints

#3 - “This deposit could hold as many as 10 million pounds of high-grade zinc worth roughly $1 billion at today’s prices. BALLDERDASH - divide $1 Billion by !0, million and you get ..... $100 per pound. RUN!!! Zinc is about $2/lb. Value - $20 m[...]

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On Friday File: IPO's, Conversions, and the Watchlist (and one sale)

Two questions- (great article as usual). What if a person becomes an account holder at the mutual, then takes action to buy the shares. Does that work? Alterra - there is a sericous discussion of IPP's (Independent Power Producers contracts in Canada[...]

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