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On Can you really "Collect a 'Cash Rebate' on Nearly EVERY Single Purchase Made in 2017?"

If the tax bill eliminates the state income tax deduction, will the sales tax deduction survive?[...]

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On The Rest of the 12 Biotechs of Christmas

Any thoughts on the legs of the run-up of RXDX[...]

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On Insurance, Snow, REITs and Criteo -- Earnings Check-in

Would you consider selling MKL now, in hopes of buy back on a dip, or rather hold shares and wait for a dip to add?[...]

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On Some Stupid Ideas for the Month

Glad to hear you continue to mend and get better! I second your thoughts on Great Panther.[...]

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On Brunch with Markel

Travis: Thanks for the cogent, thorough explanation of Markel. It sure has been a winner for me and seems like a good bet to continue that way. Do you have any thoughts on WRB?[...]

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On Gold, Copper and Oil

Anyone know what happened to First Mining in the after-hours today (4/18)?[...]

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On What's The Wealth Advisory's "Next Chipotle"

There is a zoe's in a mall near me (outside dc). Place seems busy, but not nearly as much so as the chipotle's in the same mall. Been there a couple of times food average for a casual venue.[...]

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On Friday File: VIC Impressions, Altius, Seadrill and "How to make Netflix pay YOU 'Internet Royalties' for EVERY movie it rents"

Any ideas what is happening to Altius today? Buying opportunity?[...]

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On Quick Portfolio Note

Africa Oil continues to run up. Do you think it is close to peaking for now?[...]

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On Catching up on my Brazilian Investments

Travis: Have you ever looked at the Brazilian steel-maker, COMPANHIA SIDERURGICA NACIONAL (SID)?[...]

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