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Sarepta and dystrophin

The FDA has asked Sarepta to reveal results of muscle biopsies to see how much new dystrophin was made after treatment with eteplirsen, but haven’t they already said studies only showed 0.9% increase? Will this new release provide any new information and give hope to Sarepta investors, not to mention patients and families, or is […]

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On a different subject, do you know anything about The Near Future Report written by Jeff Brown $49 per year? He claims to know a semiconductor manufacturer that makes a chip that will be in every 5 G phone which he will name for you if you sign up and [...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
I am looking to purchase long term call options on CRSP and EDIT. I can only get EDIT options out to Jan 2020 and CRSP out to Oct 2018. How come I cannot get options further out on these stocks?[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
Dear Michael, Regarding the question of whether you should get primary care from a primary care MD or a specialist who some think must be smarter of course since they are specialists. Consider the case of US Senator John East from Greenville NC. The se[...]

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