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Hi, I am new to Stock Gumshoe and hope this is the correct forum, I signed up to a couple of the Investor Place basic services ($99) and to be fair I think they give lots of information and compared to some services in the UK are like Stock Gumshoe, generous with their time and […]

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On Cabot's "Buy This Soaring Stock Now" Pitch

The issue for me is a sort luck thing , of course I know it's not luck but paying high prices does seem to pay off occasionally but I guess you really need to know the company or sector.[...]

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On CEF Insider's "If You Ignore These 7.4%+ Payouts Now, You’ll Miss Out on MASSIVE Gains!"

Thank you Travis, I've just had "The more I learn , the more I realise how much I don't know" moment but I do know enough to realise that a lot of the managers in these funds aren't particularly nimble and with leverage involved, unless the manager moved q[...]

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On Friday File: The SPAC Heard 'Round the (Newsletter) World... plus, a new Gumshoe Portfolio is born

As a new member, your post creates mixed emotions in me, I appreciate you want exclusivity but that comes at a price. The price starts becoming pretty high, just because I've recently joined and paid my subs, I do not think my payment is any less valid th[...]

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On Ferris' "If I had to Put ALL My Money in One Stock" Pitch

Hi Travis, I'm new to the site but really enjoying reading all your hard work, Thanks[...]

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