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anyone figured out what altucher is teasing as his pre ipo prospectus to get in on this fastest growing company ever? he says google invested $300M,, supposed to be something called the pittsburg project,, altucher says this company is eyeing a $15 trillion industry,,

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On Microblog: Extreme fortune email this morning. Does anyone know this stock?

in his monthly newsletter his picks were lulu, redhat, syss which is 3d printing and way down over the last year, as far as tesla, i hear they are in trouble[...]

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On Microblog: Altuchers pre IPO prospectus

company is behind the self driving cars, they invented the censor that sits on dash, supposedly not public company yet[...]

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On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris

someone help a poor hillbilly from ky,, what in the hell should I do, buy spoxf or not?? as far as stansberry the 2 stocks i own out of 20 that are up the most are 2 that they recommended,, npsny and tcehy,,[...]

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On What's the "Secret '$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint'" Pitched by Technology Profits Confidential

I have tried several of the teaser newsletters and can personally tell you that i have found one newsletter that is worth the money as far as pot stock picks and that is "cannabis stock trades" with michael vodicka,, none of the bs, he simply tells you wha[...]

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