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On Microblog: Ultimate Wealth Report
ANDI ? Up 3000% ! Software apparently. Opinion wanted, please.[...]
On "40 U.S. Retailers Projected for Termination"
Does the accusation/story/rumor that China is allegedly legally acquiring USA real estate speed-up the retail decline? Chinese corporations could thus have direct outlets, and be able to sell below competitors. Bankrupt properties are bought at "below ma[...]
On Explaining "26(f) Programs" and the "Retirement Blackout" on April 10 teased by Keith Fitz-Gerald
Seeking Alpha seems to me as a pretty good website also.[...]
On What's the "Secret '$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint'" Pitched by Technology Profits Confidential
Well, heck-fire, my AGTK consults, sells some surely terrific nutritionals, and helps in processing merchant transactions transcending hassles. We may disinfect throne rooms that need it. And never-mind the nit-stuff Governor about fifty percent crime incr[...]
On What's the "Secret '$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint'" Pitched by Technology Profits Confidential
AGTK Agritek Holdings, Inc. acquires and leases real estate, then leases or sub-leases the real estate to licensed marijuana operators. The Company is engaged in providing space and related facilities to licensed marijuana growers and dispensary owners. It[...]
On Zika & MERS Vaccine teaser solution: "My Best Idea Right Now" from Dave Lashmet at Stansberry Venture THIS is not good, while it implies that other poisons may kill 'em. I am wondering about bleach, alcohol, borax, and homemade and other "interne[...]
On What Do We Need to Know about Viruses?
Besides the above half-ass-nesses: These 18 seem efficacious:[...]
On What Do We Need to Know about Viruses?
To allegedly KILL mosquito in the first degree, sort of folk remedies: I have personally caught one or two of the deadly insects in "glue traps," approx $3,00 per approx 3 in package, available at some w-marts. I placed them very near garage's kitchen [...]
On Time to Break Up Berkshire Hathaway?
IMHO, Coca Cola if need be could takeover the no-artificial sweetener /no-sugar market. They have Desani brand that is seemingly price competing with some other no-sweet- anything water labels, and surely could cut that price if ever deemed utterly/dire[...]
On What's the "Miracle on Mount Ararat" Drug? This scary story from 2012 cont[...]
On "Who Really Killed President Kennedy?"
Not coins while not seemingly a bad way to speculate in silver is Silver Wheaton. It's in the high teens currently. If you're contemplating a precious metal hedge, there are more than a few disasters breathing/available, and generally wayyyy down li[...]
On "A Gold Royalty with a 10% Yield On Deck" (Dan Ferris)
I'm posting this on Dec 21, 2014. Dan Ferris is enthusiastically drumming for new subscribers at $750 for year, 12 issues, during trial period of first 3 months all money can be refunded, otherwise if one quits subsequently , it's a pro-rated refund. He i[...]
On "Breathe Free and Be Rich" -- the "Breathalyzer" that Can Identify Deadly Disease
Just for a young reader happily not yet more familiar with Medicare. The repetitious tests are an example of normative medical practice. My semi-understanding is that Medicare does not pay the total of that ER bill. Thus, the hospital runs up a bill by [...]
On "Zero Line Crisis" and "The Defense Contractor with the Graphene Breakthrough that Will Prevent a Nuclear War"
Pardon the extraneous incursion: These are certainly not unoriginal ideas about the catastrophic California/western states drought of which graphene could be the breakthrough that California et al need if not generally mankind/the world needs. As an inte[...]
On Incremental Share Purchase -- More Insurance
I'm submitting my perception of the "property & casualty insurance" industry as a whole from my investor pov: This is not about a particular stock. Some of the companies are seemingly avoiding Florida a la devastating Hurricane Andrew. The State appa[...]
On "The Fastest Growing Entertainer You’ll Never Admit to Knowing"
NGHT (Nightlife) and SCRH (Scores) are two seeming competitors. They are longg-shots, which none with a rational, prudent, sober mind would bet. They'll probably never get the two back to snuff(s), so then BUY some against conventional wis-dumb just in[...]
On Microblog: Guaranteed Weight Loss without Surgery, Drugs or Dieting! (Really!)
A wild 'n crazy if not taboo concept: That CNBC chin-whiskered option expert's favorite terminology for penny longshots is "lottery tickets." I apply the acidic terminology to an hypothetical ETF or closed end fund consisting of penny bio-techs, health, m[...]
On What is the "American Retirement Company?"
I hereby with the usual caveats suggest NEW YORK MORTGAGE, which apparently is mostly invested in office buildings. But why such is prudent escapes me, because there are empty condo buildings, which could become "office buildings" too. Hey, I have a lit[...]
On "The Goldstone Strike ... The Safest Mining Stock in the ENTIRE Market"
I am long LVCA This claim, pun intended, is at company's website. "Tanzania is peaceful, safe and stable. One of Tanzania's greatest assets is its people who are courteous and hospitable earning the country it's nickname "Little Switzerland of Africa."[...]
On A Weak Quarter ... But Nice Spike from Sad Patent Lawyers
These are ALLEGEDLY "patent trolls," some non-endorsements, while I put a little in 'em. Travis' gambling is slightly more rational, but what the h, bet 'em, bet ... please. Pendrell Acacia Research Rambus Pro Properties[...]

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