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U.S. Financials Are Set to Soar: My Top Pick is Also One of the Best Values You’ll Find Today It’s a bank that chose “good” over “greed” 145 years ago. It stayed profitable during the 1929 and 2008 market crashes. Shares are up 46% over the last 17 months with 12% more growth just ahead—plus […]

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On What's the "Artificial Intelligence 'Stealth ID' Technology" Stock Being Teased by Outsider Club?

I think if they could use it to id shoplifters and curtail their visits our local liquor stores could buy the company with the savings in stolen product revenue.[...]

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On "Secret Name" Stock of "Son of a Police Officer" Shocks the World (Solved and Revisited)

I just wanted to confirm that the annual revenue in the table above is in millions not BILLIONS?[...]

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On Cabot's "Next Amazon" Pitch

I am having a similar problem logging in. I hti the login tab and the screen flashes and i am still not logged in to see the Irregulars Quick Take. Some times I click on another link and it links in but the Login button has not worked for several weeks.[...]

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On Motley Fool's "Our CEO is betting $280,240.56 this stock could 5X"

Like most of these clowns Louis spends far more time hyping their more expensive services than giving you sound invest-able advice.[...]

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On "GigaProfits! -- One tiny resource company essential to the Gigafactory"

Does GTI that is flogged by Byron King factor in for a graphite supplier?[...]

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On "The End of Obesity" and the FDA Announcement expected on June 17

You could try the EHAM diet - or "Eat Half As Much". Everything in moderation. :)[...]

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