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Is Nokia a buy on the huge dip

I’m considering taking a position on Nokia in wake of the big dip. I’m a patient investor and don’t mind waiting for it to recover. Obviously they are going to need sacrifice margin moving forward to compete better against Erickson. I see there problems more as a management problem than product portfolio problem though. Curious […]

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On "Trump to Finish what Reagan Started? [As early as October 30th]" -- What's being teased by James Rickards now?
SPOXF is an OTC I bought about a year ago when looking to get into some Gold for diversification. Bought for both income(pays a decent dividend..about 4.5% at what I bought it at, and 3.86 as of today) and appreciation. It's well managed(by my eye).[...]
On Solving Mampilly's "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000% (And the One Stock You Must Buy Today to Cash In)"
I got into Micron at $44 about a year ago and sold last week for just shy of 48. I plan to get back in again but I'll wait for Trumps next tweet about China trade negotiations. This stock has had so many 10%+ swings in the last year I simply decided to get[...]

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