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Rebalancing your portfolio

Most financial advisors recommend that you rebalance your portfolio every few years. This may be bad advice. I purchased Netflix many years ago and have a huge gain. I am also in the 23.9% tax bracket. If I sell any Netflix stock I will end up paying over 20% in long-term capital gains tax. The […]

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On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
I have been a motley fool subscriber from almost day one and I have done very well - mostly due to Netflix - I am up 5,000 % in NFLX. Almost every loser that has been quoted in the comments above were recommended by Motley Fool but not recommended in thei[...]
On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
Guardant Health is a true David Gardner find. It is very fast growing stock that always seems to be overpriced. The difference is that Dave Gardner's stock continue to be overpriced for years and years - i.e. Netflix is an example. I bought this stock [...]
On Microblog: 5G is arriving
Anyone have any idea what is being teased in the "Ultranet - 3 stocks for the 5G Revolution". It is being pushed by Angel Publishings by an offshoot of Energy and Capital publication.[...]
On Fool's "What Every Apple Investor Must See Before 2018" pitch
Motley Fool has been recommending OLED for years and uses it as teaser stock in their recent ads. For the last five weeks OLED is the top stock in Investor Business Daily top 50. The IBD 50 has a good record in an up markets see . I hope and have bet [...]
On A Fool-ish Guess: Teased "Rare Recent IPO Buy Alert" from Tom Gardner
I have had very good luck with Motley Fool's Stock Advisor. Dave Garner has a better track record then his brother, Tom, but both are easily beating the S&P. Tom Garner says that the retenion rate for APPN customers is between 105 to 110% ( i.e.,customer[...]
On Motley Fool Stock Advisor
I have subscribed to Motley Fool Stock Advisor for the last 10-15 years. Their records is very good but you have to hold for long periods - 5-15 years. I am up 2,400% in Netflix, about 400% in Activision, about 300% in Google and Facebook. Dave Gardner'[...]

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