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Will Beach Nourishment save Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and make us all rich too?

Linda McDonough is teasing her ”Profit Catalyst Alert,”about an upcoming vote to restore eroded beaches along our endangered coastlines, including President Trump’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. McDonough claims following her recommendations will ”Drown Yourself In Cash.” While her premise is plausible, ”Profit Catalyst Alert,” is one of the pricier newsletter even at the discounted price of […]

Louis Navellier’s Family Trust?

Hi, Navellier is pitching his Money Management service he calls Family Trust. I’d like to have my money managed by someone I can trust. Does anyone have any experience with Navellier or a similar management service that you could recommend or warn me to stay away? Roz

Keith Fitz-Gerald’s $2 stock

Does anyone know what Keith Fitz-Gerald is teasing in his pitch for a tiny $2 stock? ”At this moment, sources show that Johnson & Johnson (the $50 billion medical device giant), and Google (the $300 billion technology titan) are both plotting takeover bids for a tiny $2 microcap.” I already own J&J, but I’m curious […]

How to make money from the “Mobile Supernet?”

Tony Sagami is teasing the ”Mobile Supernet, one small tech company has developed a revolutionary new way to deliver mobile internet service.” It isn’t very hard to find the company, It is Artemis and their Mobile Supernet is the new wireless pWave antenna which enhances mobile phone performance. A dozen articles were published about Artemis […]

Back from the dead?

I just received an email for Forbes Newsletters with the teaser, “Meet the company behind the boldest transformation the technology industry has seen in years.” At first I thought the company might be Kodak. The following paragraph refers to the CEO as ”She.” Not many big legacy companies, or any companies for that matter, have […]

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On "Hyper-X" Weapons and "The Next Cold War"
It sounds like companies developing these high speed materials might be a better investment now than trying to predict future power sources.[...]
On A Fool-ish Guess: Teased "Rare Recent IPO Buy Alert" from Tom Gardner
Many years ago I worked with a product called Crystal Reports. It was a report writer for non-programmers, which was later bought out by Seagate. Then Seagate was later bought by SAP. I wrote a training guide on Crystal in 2002 for Howard Hammerman a[...]
On "How YOU Can Legally 'Tax-Back' The U.S. Government"
That's what I thought it was too. Zachary is back again with the same pitch. I figured Travis would know what it was, but I didn't realize this pitch is a recycle.[...]
On "Stop What You’re Doing and Buy These Four Stocks" -- What's Fessler's "Most Profitable Trade of My Lifetime"
Old promos never die and this one came back a lot sooner than Haley's Comet. Dave Fessler "Spotted evidence of the most shocking trade of 2016. . ." which he is calling, "THE MOST PROFITABLE TRADE OF MY LIFETIME." So I came here to find out what it is, an[...]
On Microblog: Device to Power EVery House in America by George Leong
Here's a link to the presentation. I have not played it all the way through but came here first. Roz[...]
On What's Robinson's "Little Black Smart Box" teased for Radical Technology Profits?
If you click the close button in the corner, a message pops up asking if you want to leave or "stay on this page." Click stay, and you go to a long transcript of the long boring video. Then you can scroll down and see what the bottom line is. It saves a lo[...]
On "This No-Name Company Is Set to Expose the #1 'Deadly Flaw' in Every Single Smartphone and Tablet on the Planet"
Clever name, WATTUP, other than that I'm not impressed. Roz[...]
On Microblog: Louis Navellier's Family Trust?
Thanks. Do you have any comments on his advice? How good is his track record? Roz[...]
On VentureCap Strategist's "Safest and Smartest Way" to play the Virtual Reality Revolution
I'd rather buy Facebook or Intel, which I already have. It's better to buy the adult than the baby. When the adults adopt the babies, shareholders get the benefits of both security and growth. Roz[...]
On VentureCap Strategist's "Safest and Smartest Way" to play the Virtual Reality Revolution
I always check Stock Gumshoe first. I save a lot of money and headaches that way. I only wish Travis was around years ago when brokers nearly left me broke! Roz[...]
On Kent Moors' "Trade Just Hit Green Light Status"
Cyberpitboss beat me to it. Moors is recycling his old pitch about oil. He's been using this one for several years now. I subscribe to his Energy Advantage, which is his bargain priced, entry level newsletter. I used to let these die out after the expir[...]
On What's "Neural Imprinting," and will it really "wipe out pain and generate $2.86 trillion in new wealth?"
I found Stock Gumshoe a few years ago and now I subscribe. I'm pretty susceptible to the entry-level pitches from most of these stock advisors, but I never go in for more than $99. Most of the time the price is $49 and that's about all I'm willing to spen[...]
On What's "Neural Imprinting," and will it really "wipe out pain and generate $2.86 trillion in new wealth?"
You can post a screenshot on YouTube and post the link to it here. Roz[...]
On "Stop What You’re Doing and Buy These Four Stocks" -- What's Fessler's "Most Profitable Trade of My Lifetime"
There's a new promo out from the Oxford Club on the "New Standard Oil." I did a search here and this article came up. What you have here doesn't match what Lichtenfeld is talking about. Here's a link to Marc Lichtenfeld's pitch. http://pro.oxfordclub.[...]
On Is "Compound R" a fountain of youth that will add 11 years to your life?
There's an ad on TV now about a miracle drug that can cure cancer, but it could also lead to half a dozen other things that would kill you first. I suppose they have to include the disclaimer at the end, but it makes me wonder why anyone would take the stu[...]
On "Real Gasoline Created Without Using Oil -- Three Times Cheaper, $0.58 a Gallon"
And they say there's no such thing as time travel. Seems like many of these new teasers are just a time machine back to the good old days of last year. Roz[...]
On Who's getting rich from "The $33 Billion Gold Chip Mandate?"
Mike Ward is sending out a new teaser today. I didn't click his links, but came immediately here instead and found this discussion. The next shoe to drop will be CPI's IPO tomorrow. Here's Ward's teaser: "For the past 30 years my team and I have tra[...]
On "Become one of 250 Partners in a VC Firm"
Travis, I subscribe to Money Map and the only difference I could see is the price for Robinson's newsletter is $2900 not $3100. I did not appreciate this "gateway" requirement. So I'm glad you found the Fund to avoid having to buy Robinson's newsletter [...]
On Microblog: coffe rust
Maybe some investment newsletters are using this company for pump and dump, but Grogenesis is a real company with a very impressive product. The most important thing so far is, IT WORKS! I[...]
On The “Guardian Angel” Delivering Disruptive Technology
You haven't watched enough Sci Fi movies to know that when the robots take over they will kill us all. Roz[...]

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