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Travis There are too many “stocks” in your portfolio for me to follow. I’m just not that good. Could you whittle down a list of what you’d consider your Top 10 picks? Say, 3 Income stocks, 3 Growth & Income stocks, 3 Growth stocks, and 1 Speculative (Super Growth)? I got these category/definitions from reading […]

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On De-teasing Oxford Club's “Liquid Electricity and the Must-Own $3 Stock” Pitch

Hydrogen has too many cons. Energy required to split the molecules, storage, stability, etc. Chemical (Lithium) batteries aren't much better (toxicity, ease of recycling, etc.). The only viable and sustainable option for portable power is solid state [...]

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On Top Teaser Stocks of 2020

Hi Travis, What do you make of this? Last week Marginal Ideas critiqued Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR — $4.18 billion), a medical marijuana REIT conducting questionable sale-leaseback transactions. You own it and I own it, but now I w[...]

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On Trend Trader's "The Secret $5 Company Behind Elon's Race to Own the Internet"

Does anyone remember GlobalStar. A network of low orbit satellites were going to supply internet to the whole world. I think they were eventually bought by the US Govt for 5 cents on the dollar and now uses the satellites for govt (NSA, CIA) only secure[...]

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On Crow's Nest teases "The #1 eSports Company to Dominate the Decade" -- so what is it?

I'm with you! I can't relate to watching anybody play anything. I don't understand why people watch the NFL, golf, chess matches, any of it. It's probably due to this herd mentality and the need to belong, which is just missing in me. I prefer to play t[...]

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