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Super Capacitors/Graphene

Anyone familiar with Super Capacitors? Has there been any changes regarding energy density and charging time. Speaking off the top of my head, Graphene is the real thing. Super strong. Super fast heat transfer, has been mixed with Aluminum(Cummins has an engine that uses a mixture of Aluminum & Graphene). The polycrystalline/monocrystalline solar cells are […]

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On Microblog: Project Prophesy- at least Jim Rickards stopped calling for the death of the dollar. But I just listened to a long winded
these newsletter charlatans hurt many unsuspecting readers/customers. Stock Gumshoe is helping people like us. Travis Johnson is helping the little guy.[...]
On Is a Misperception Subduing Share Price at Aptose ($APTO)?
Does anyone know the minimal number of cancerous cells required of a tumor that will be revealed during an MRI scan. I heard from an ENT specialist that the number is around 34,000,000. Any comments? If that number is accurate, maybe a research goal might [...]
On Microblog: the New Precious Metal of the 21st Century
I rechecked the tease by Oxford Club. Metal is good old Lithium. Author continues to state that 90+% is located in 4 countries. New research in power generation/regeneration is leaning toward Enhanced Super Capacitors. The surface area of porous Graphene h[...]
On Rickards' "Your Chance to Own a Gold Mine" Pitch
Rickards credentials state he is a CIA/Government economist. The CIA(and everybody else) said Sadam Hussein had weapons of Mass destruction. Many years later, the USA is 5 Trillion dollars poorer, Muslims are taking over Western Civilization using small [...]
On Microblog: Gold and Silver and Hard Assets after Trump's Inauguration...2017
When and if the price of silver goes crazy, does anyone know of a less expensive element that could be substituted for silver? Silver as an element used in a Solar cell,whose costs have dropped 25% in 2016.[...]
On Microblog: Pressure
I like Silver better than Gold. SILVER is involved in many industrial applications. It is also a precious metal. Silver comes out of ground in a ratio of 10/15 parts silver to 1 part gold. I think that industrial uses for silver would decrease and suitabl[...]
On A New "Dumb and Tiny" Personal Speculation
I recently purchased a car battery charger that is a little thicker and longer than my Galaxy 7 android phone. I had a chance to use it to start a neighbor's car. Guess what, when my neighbor saw that this tiny battery jump start device worked, she asked m[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
Travis has created a forum that works for all of us. You get what you like to hear, and get what you don't want to hear.[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
Don't waste you money. I don't know how people like that live with themselves.[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
I have lost money on his picks. This week, MSFT lost me 50% on call. Lost 50% on NFLX call[...]
On What's Palm Beach Confidential's "Gold Multiplier" Stock?
Gold bugs are continually pushing death of the dollar. Japan has been 'printing' yen ever since their real estate bubble burst. Why can't we keep printing like Japan. Japan has not gone away?[...]
On Is September 30 really "D-Day for the U.S. Dollar" as Jim Rickards is Warning?
Travis, I tend to agree with Mr. Woodhouse. Somebody always has an axe to grind. However, the financial incentive of the dollar will always be the carrot on the stick. The reaching for a carrot always seems to make the horse move.[...]
On Is September 30 really "D-Day for the U.S. Dollar" as Jim Rickards is Warning?
ok, Rickards say's $10,000 gold at a 40% correlation back to gold standard. Greenspan recently voiced a similar thought. That's a change for him. Harry Dent say's 60+% correction , gold $250/450. If you were to measure the inflation rate before and after [...]
On Energy Advantage teases: "This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil... This amazing breakthrough transforms seemingly worthless pieces of land around the world into energy-producing powerhouses."
These comments by gumshoe subscribers on Stansberry associates comes at a time when I am down $4000. Yes following their instructions. There should be an Artificial Intelligence based machine that impartially analyzes the results of those recommendations. [...]

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