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shopify’s 2020 rally has made my portfolio look a lot stronger than ever. BigC has 5% revenue of SHOP pre-IPO and read that it has a lot to offer in that space. Reaching out to fellow investors to see how much interest there is and if anyone had more insights on this newbie. @stockgumshoe – […]

I have heard folks say ” all it takes is that one right stock”. ” All in” stock is a very strong buzz word. Makes me think how much is fact-based substance and how much is hype. Either way, I am interested. https://www.fool.com/ext-content/all-in-stock-buy-alert/?utm_source=dianomi&utm_medium=contentmarketing&utm_campaign=sar-allinalert&utm_content=MarketWatch%3A&aid=9223&paid=9223&waid=9223&source=esadinwdg0210133&psource=esadinwdg0210133&wsource=esadinwdg0210133&testId=all-in-advert&cellId=2&campaign=sa-post-release Please share your thoughts on this ticker.

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sorry is there a question?[...]

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On Microblog: Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly. 10,000% Marijuana Stock

yes AMD. That was the lastest update when I left his service. I already owned this stock and rode the $11-$20 wave.[...]

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