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Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor – “THE MOST DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION WE’VE SEEN IN 45 YEARS!”

Anyone know what stocks Navallier is referring to in touting his ”Growth Investor” Newsletter…… What started as an “off the radar” technology… is now backed by President Trump’s latest executive order. Early investors have the chance to make a fortune as its growth skyrockets 200,000%. “[This technology] is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic […]


This is via Dent Research – Wondering if this is Harry Dent’s re-faced ”Income Streams” under his colleague Charles Sizemore’s now peddling ”Peak Income” at $79/yr ”AMERICA’S GREATEST INCOME SECRET This little known money-generation method has helped thousands of Americans tap into anywhere from $2,614 to $10,567 in monthly income…Insiders and other wealthy investors have […]

MAIN Challenge

Travis! I want to challenge anyone, yourself included, who can come up with a better stock than MAIN in respect total return performance (including dividends reinvested) over 5 and 10 years. It pays 12 monthly plus 2 special semiannual dividends putting the Einstein 8th wonder of the world called “Compounding” into action. Caveat no AMZN […]

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On Mark Skousen's "I’ll Show You the Fastest (And Most Reliable) Way To Get Rich on Just ONE Investment!"
MAIN is an excellent BDC with solid and steady returns. The MAIN difference, pun intended, is it's COMPOUNDING INTEREST ability i.e that it pays a monthly dividend and 2 semi-annual special dividends. With dividends reinvested it outshines just about any o[...]
On Microblog: "AAII Stock Investor Pro" Reviews
Also, How is the AAII Membership ($29/yr)? and is it worth joining.[...]
On Microblog: Best Stock Charting websites with screener (Free or modestly priced)
Thank you Travis! I just tried the YCharts trial and it's perfect including screens on total performance and dividend reinvestment etc. but it's probably too expensive for my needs. Finviz looks great too.[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
Thank you Carl. I look forward to reading your SA posts on FCX as I got in at ~$7. Probably should’ve gotten out at the high of 18 but because it’s intrinsic value is $30+ I will let it ride and believe in it’s long term potential. I love MAIN - it[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
FCX is not about the dividends it's more about the growth. Check out a BDC stock like MAIN if you want a monthly compounding solid stalwart. and set i[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
Carl - FCX will take time to come around. It's one of the biggest holdings by Carl Icahn with an intrinsic value (3 times it's current price) at above $30. Be patient. I believe it will pay off big time.[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
Analysis par excellence Travis! Truly tempting situation but as you stated just as soon as the special dividend was declared on 5/14/19 the stock price surged just as much as the special dividend. For me, too much to risk and unknown. My favorite Einstein [...]
On Skousen says "Buy This Dirt-Cheap, Red Hot Stock Today."
Skousen proved it to be true. The proof is in the pudding. MAIN is an awesome stock to own with 12 +2 dividend payouts per year. Use a DRIP calculator and it outperforms the market and 99.99 % of stocks with the rare exception of the AMZN and Netflix outl[...]

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