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On Microblog: Rising India soon to be Rising Biosciences
I have been hearing a lot of discussion on this company and I was wondering if I should take the time to invest maybe a small position in this company. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.[...]
On Microblog: Amazon's $1.91 Trillion Bitcoin Shock
Yes, I'm a bit surprised Mr Gumshoe hasn't responded to this advert, how many of his subscribers have to make the request?[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
I'm an optometrist, sort of the PCP of eye care. In my practice, I take care of everything my patients need except surgery (due to statute, not knowledge). Some states, like Massachusetts, are so over-lobbied by specialist MDs that the optometrists there c[...]
On Slingshot Trader
My free month is almost over. My complaint is too many out of the money calls and they hold too long and exit at wrong times on both calls and puts. What I did was use there recommendations for trades. Reviewed and then used my own entry price , monitore[...]
On What are "Trump Bonus Checks?"
HIS TOP 5 RECO'S Aflac (AFL) Automatic Data Processing Inc(ADP) Union Pacific (UNP) Cincinnati Financial (CINF) Microsoft (MSFT)[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
Yes BHP validating the tech is huge. It’s the Opex where CLQ know they are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone.[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
Same story received in mail today or yesterday promoting the same Technology Profits Confidential newsletter. This time there is no specific date; it starts out with this headline: "In a Few Short Weeks, This Weird, Rooftop Pod Will Deliver a Death Blow to[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
I have been absent for a while so I apologize if the video link has been posted before. A little info on Scandium I found interesting.[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
John watched video. My life was industrial maintenance. There will be lots of maintenance to do here. IHMO a higher Capex would be great. Put the money up now to keep the opex down. They should have back up systems. They have two autoclaves. Those shaker [...]
On Microblog: Wow! You guyz and galz are incredible :-)
$MYO - Myomo scaling up distribution of MyoPro robotic arm brace #Robotics #MIT #VA #Madicare #O&P #Highlights >[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
In Tucson, it's not a problem to find a top notch MD who takes medicare patients. My wife's cardiologist just retired, and the new one has a great resume. The same with her ophthalmologist. They are very good. I use the VA, and other than primary care,[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
Be careful with MMS. It is strong stuff. Can kill beneficial bacteria as well.[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
Right, unless the needle is somehow guided to the exact spot of a very small tumor it will show nothing. Either you use high tech imaging or dumb luck to find a small tumor.[...]
On Casey: "March 31, 2018: New Legal Ruling Will Send Gold Higher Than Bitcoin"
People trust them more than bars....due to counterfeiting.[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
Excellent article Doc Gumshoe! We really appreciate all of your efforts to educate us and keep us informed and abreast of biopharm and healthcare developments. Thank you for everything you share with our community![...]
On Casey: "March 31, 2018: New Legal Ruling Will Send Gold Higher Than Bitcoin"
That's funny...and I agree about Stansberry--just stay away. Thanks for your comments about Casey, that's who's ad I was just reading. "The entire world is going to collapse" pretty soon....[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
A few envious types trying to down ramp CLQ tech. Little do they know in 2008 before the nickel slump it was proven by none other than BHP! “Resin-In-Pulp for Nickel, Cobalt & Scandium Between 2004 and 2008, the application of Clean TeQ’s tech[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
During my last dental appointment, it occurred to me that I am guilty of paying lip service to the advice just like many (or most) people pay lip service to good financial advice. As someone aiming to be a financial planner someday, how would I expect my f[...]
On GameChangers
I subscribed for a year. Way more losses than gains. Very high churn rate. New recommendations made with great fanfare - but the sell reasons are always someone else’s fault or some event. She recommended NSP, which I bought; then she recommended a[...]
On Friday File Unlocked: Kent Moors' $2 Million Startup and $7 Trillion Energy Sub-Niche
Since he us "full of crap", I took his advise and am up over 28% in just 2 weeks on TELL[...]

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