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On Infinite Income
I don;t think Altucher (is he the guy that has the black fuzzy hair) and why is Algora a scam?[...]
On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
Sorry if I'm stepping on your toes- but I'm so surprised someone would write what you wrote I've got to share my truth: As a long time member (12 years) of the Motley Fool, I disagree with this statement about deleting or being deceiving whole heartedly. [...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
Don't care for MF A few hours of reading everyones opinion and articles and I chose ACB and CGC as best canidates for pot stocks for long term. MF recent : Quit comparing pot stocks to Amazon. MF poor research and thanks for wasting my time[...]
On Microblog: What is James Altucher promising regarding the pre-IPO Prospectus he's giving out for frrr with
Is it Vuuzle?[...]
On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
At Arista's (ANET) current price, it might be a good time to take some profit. It's a good company with good products, with good growth, but the price fluctuates quite a bit. I usually get in by selling puts for close to $200 when the share price is under [...]
On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
Valeant comes to mind, to name one. Ticker was VRX, was changed to BHC (Bausch Health Companies) as part of the rescue operation with new top management. Valeant also brought giant losses to hedge fund guy Bill Ackman, who got out at the bottom. Others ear[...]
On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
I still need to ChipotlAway some self-inflicted portfolio blood stains from 2015... I think a little more time out should heal these wounds.[...]
On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
Holy batshit, Robin! $665.86/share? Too rich for this old man. :([...]
On Microblog: Insider Trading service_Ross Givens
Thanks for site info however it's by an individual's name. Have to click on name to see company, click for type of or sell and number of shares. Hundreds of clicks. Very time consuming. Not sure if there's an easier way. I was turned of[...]
On What's "The Genesis Code" that "could soon be powering EVERY single financial transaction on the internet?"
I love the analysis. For me, OSTK was a small TRADE for about 1 week on the blockchain announcement. I have been monitoring for something more. I am a follower in this segment, but will contribute in areas like tech. Love your sleuth in getting to the ke[...]
On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
As I pondered on the current appeal of this restaurant chain, amazed at the continued rise of its overvalued stock, a funny news story from 3 decades ago eclipsed my thoughts. Remember when a vegetable association dumped tons of broccoli on the White Hous[...]
On Profits Unlimited
Yes, see my comment.[...]
On Profits Unlimited
Mixed feelings. He recommends some very expensive stocks, most over $100 a share, some over $200 a share, so unless you are "money bags" it is a little uncomfortable buying in 100 share lots. I have purchased some of the stocks under $50 a share in 100 s[...]
On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
I believe Chipotle never adequately explained the reasons for the food poisoning and their corrective actions. Thus they will probably repeat it in the future and the stock will tank again.[...]
On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
We were early buyers of CMG and sold out way to soon. My wife used to love Chipotle...but now we haven't gone there in years. There are too many other Taco bars popping up. BTW: While waiting to pay at our local Chipotle the woman in front of us sat h[...]
On Cabot Top Ten Trader
Well worth the money!![...]
On Weekly Income Now
I agree it is a scam. I think I paid $99.00. Customer service sounded like a kid on drugs, no lie.[...]
On Microblog: What's Paul Mampilly's Rapid Profit Method that trades on
I Lost 65% plus the $3200 member fee.[...]
On Cabot's Teased "40% Growth Expected" Stock
This train has left the station. Excellent stock, but reversion to the mean will happen. Wish I'd been watching it and entered a LEAP perhaps at around $617. Putting it on a watchlist for the next pullback. Thanks, Travis![...]
On Motley Fool's "Small company with a $147 billion opportunity" De-teased
The list of losers is vast, but if you look at their list/tracking their recommendations, the losers get deleted from the list. Very deceiving. They also claim if you buy 10-12 stocks from the list you will be ahead of the market. With the amount of loser[...]

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