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Motley fool teaser anyone know the company?

Apple wowed investors recently, crossing a threshold many thought would never happen. In passing the $1 trillion, Apple became the most successful modern company in the history of the world. But while the news has been laser focused on Apple’s most recent success, they’re not stopping there. On September 12, people around the globe are […]

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On Friday File: "Amazon-Like Profit Profile Could Double Investors’ Money Again This Year"
Hi Travis firstly it’s good to have you back. On fairfax India I’ve owned the stock for a couple of years ( loss making ones so far )but have become increasingly concerned about the fees paid to the main fairfax group. Doesn’t this leave the st[...]
On Friday File: Buy What You Like, Not What You're Sold
Hi Travis great write up as usual. Regarding your gaming plays i know you spread the risk by investing in activition, EA sports and MTG but is there any particular reason why you discounted Take-Two Interactive from the list? Is it that you dont thi[...]
On What's the Apple "Hail Mary" Stock Teased by the Motley Fool?
Just going purely on your solved teasers for the last few years the Motley fool appears to be one of the better stock picking services around. Their stock picks usually seem reasonable and well backed up and some have obviously had blow out returns (and I[...]
On Friday File: Pot Dividend Surges, plus thoughts on gold and "bargains"
Hi Travis, great feedback as usual. As I know you previosly owned Franco-Nevada do you personally not see that as a good play on rising gold prices ( i cant rememer why you originally sold out of them)? do you just believe that sandstorm and potentially[...]
On Nova-X Report's "Productivity Supercharger" Stock
Great write up as usual Travis. As you mention it been tipped by a few newsletters before have you previously looked at the stock? Have you considered buying previously or did it slip under the radar?[...]
On A Cube, a Metal Pole, and an "Absolute Killing"
Hi travis as you mentioned Qualcomm what are your thoughts on the settlement and the impact it will have on that company going forwards? It presumeably also means bad news for most of their competitors.[...]
On Friday File: We're All Doomed! Maybe!
Just a quick point on the future of tv streaming subscriptions, i don't know whether this trend is common wcorldwide ( i live in the uk) but speaking of my kids, their friends ( 7 and 10 age range ) and neices and nephews ranging from 6-15 they almost ex[...]
On Friday File: "Forever Royalties," plus TTD and IQ earnings updates
Hi Travis with a stock like TTD where you've made an excellent profit do you think about selling any to cover your initial outlay ( and possibly buying them back in the dips) or are you concerned that this will rise further and you'll miss out on bigger ga[...]
On Friday File: Annual Review completed, Plus a New Special Situation
Thanks Travis fantastic review as always. Once the initial realisation dawns that most of the teasers are not going to make you a overnight millionaire its the Friday file I look forward to most. Quick question, you mention the Dodge and Cox fund that you[...]
On Friday File: Annual Review pt. 2, FANG and TOAST
Hi travis, when a stock hits a stop loss how do you evaluate how much to sell? For momentum stocks you have lost faith in do you sell all and just leave your profits in for others that you are more positive about? I was just surprised you sold out of all t[...]
On Microblog: Dr. Richard Smith's Tradestops
Is there any updates on the issues mentioned above? I wanted to know what the difference was between basic and plus, has anyone tried the basic version? for the small portfolio im building it seems expensive and you don't appear to get the ssi which seems [...]
On Friday File: Starbucks Pops, Insurance Drops, Buying after Stops
Hi Travis regarding strategies I struggle to see what the value is in Fairfax financial, quickly looking at the charts you could have bought in 2014 and essentially have been flat until now. Obviously you could have made money along the way if you were ni[...]
On Solving Mampilly's "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000% (And the One Stock You Must Buy Today to Cash In)"
If AI continues to grow quickly which companies offer the lowest risk to reward ratio? Is it the usual suspects Google and Apple who already seem to be investing heavily or are there specific technology funds that specialise in AI stocks that will spread t[...]
On Friday File: Panic! ... or maybe Don't Panic!
Great summery as usual Travis(the longer the better for me) couple of questions:- Do you think berkshire is still a buy around $200 as you've previously stated despite overall market weakness? i remember you mentioning it is supported by buy backs around [...]
On Can you Earn Huge Royalties from the "Fountain of Youth" Drug Marc Lichtenfeld says was Discovered on Easter Island?
Thanks both that’s great.[...]
On Can you Earn Huge Royalties from the "Fountain of Youth" Drug Marc Lichtenfeld says was Discovered on Easter Island?
Hi Travis just on this where is the best place to ask about a teaser for future investigation? Where do people normally post or email you about a request?it would be a good idea to have a single area so the replies column isn’t filled up with requests a[...]
On Friday File: Stop Losses and Big Quarters
More of a general question but how accurate do you find the zacks rankings when looking at whether to buy or sell stocks? Are they more short term? I only ask as they seem to correlate reasonably closely with your thoughts on a lot of stocks and I don't k[...]
On Cabot's "Next Amazon" Pitch
Hi has this one been covered before Good morning, fellow investor... I just wanted to send a quick note reminding you tomorrow is the big day! More specifically, tomorrow at 1 PM ET, David Gardner is announcing his brand-new stock recommendation inside [...]
On Friday File: Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and other portfolio updates
Apologies not sure why the paragraph repeated (kids trying to take the kindle off me issues) and I meant to say GKN not GSK (before GlaxoSmithKline share holders become excited.[...]
On Friday File: Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and other portfolio updates
Sorry gkn not gsk[...]

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