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NexGen Investor’s Matthew McCall says in this piece ( ) that a publicly-traded company is offering health insurance at prices as low as $36 per month, which he says is 9X less than Obamacare insurance. Not sure about that last assertion…if ”affordable” insurance was only $360 a month, a lot of people would buy […]

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On Invisible Fiber and a "$150,000 windfall" from "Weird New Antennas" -- What's Jeff Brown at Bonner talking about?

Missing from this discussion are the Invisible Cell Towers. These cells won't need towers at all. And they won't lease any property. If you subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV, you have one of those future cells in your house. I'm talking about set-t[...]

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On Mampilly's "Bigger than Amazon and Google combined" Stock Tease

Brilliant thinking, Steve! The basic issue in "New Energy" is that there's not any new energy in it. The entire subject is about how to deliver existing energy in other ways. Can batteries outperform generators in cost? A century ago, copper was chea[...]

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On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"

Of interest, the Stellar website itself proclaims there cannot be a surge in value of Lumens, like the one that happened in Bitcoin, because Lumens are too liquid for that to happen. So Rickards appears to have it wrong. Also a factor: The US Federal Re[...]

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On Solving Ray Blanco's "Alzheimer's Disease is Now Completely Treatable" Teaser

Mr Blanco may have his signals crossed. Another company with links to a potential Alzheimer's drug has news due in litigation that's set for Feb 14th. Kannalife and Isodiol International investor Marvin Washington is suing the US DEA for practicing medici[...]

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On "By March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards

Travis, what you're missing is the actual value of the Nixon Dollar. Nixon discovered that a very powerful government, one that was sufficiently frightening to business entrepreneurs that they would do anything to obey it's tax laws and protect their asse[...]

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On Pain Management Versus Opioid Addiction: A Troubling Quandary

Malignant Opiophobia is a cultural condition unique to US culture. We insist on seeing harm where none is occurring. Inside every living eukaryotic cell, are organelles called Mitochondria. About a billion years ago, if the fossil record can be believ[...]

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On Lithium for the "Hungry Red Dragon"

A factor not to be ignored, is described in US Patent 3,331,695 once owned by WR Grace & Co and now expired. Alpha-Spodumene, the substance described as a "lithium concentrate" containing about 6% lithium, acts as an accelerant for the hardening of Po[...]

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On Navellier's "My #1 Stock to Buy Today"

Wow, guys! Travis, thanks for the coverage. Hey, Michael, thanks a bunch for reading that 10-K! I'm new to this thread. Just started another one, because Matthew McCall over at startup NexGen Investor was teasing HIIQ along with his charter membershi[...]

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On Penny Stock Millionaire's "Be First In Line To Own the Tiny Startup That Just Stole $16 Billion In Revenue Out From Under Tesla's Feet"

Lithium batteries are only useful for portable things, that have to be very light and easy to carry. Lead dioxide-sulfuric acid batteries have been around for a century and store energy wonderfully. They don't even explode when they overheat. They're jus[...]

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On Friday File: Biotech Insider Alert hints at "128,756% Sales Growth on June 23" From "CD19 Vaccine"

There has been a glioblastoma multiforma that was held in remission for 5 years, using a low-temperature water extract of Cannabis indica, the low-THC high-CBD species of cannabis that's traditionally been used for rope manufacture (and not for making peop[...]

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On Sea of Tranquility

A friend who worked stateside in the intelligence community missed lunch and was drooling over her keyboard when we got back to the office from lunch. It looked more like a seizure than a TIA so the ER doc put her on Dilantin. She came out of it sore and[...]

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On Opportunity in that "September 7 Announcement," plus Ligand, Sandstorm and GSV notes

WATT has a credibility problem with the "contained power" concept that they claim for their product. At 2450 MHz, the frequency used by WiFi devices (and household microwave ovens), the Fresnel region surrounding a electromagnetic radiator, is about four [...]

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On "P-Value" and identifying Ernie Tremblay's "Fast Double by August 31" Tinnitus Stock

If Tremblay is dumb enough not to research these kinds of companies, someone from the company could enlist him to do the pumping, ahead of the dumping. A quick read-through of Auris Medical's web site, reveals a relationship with Cochlear, Ltd., an Aust[...]

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On "This Exact Same Crisis Has Happened Twice" (and this ad has been pushed at least three times)

The USA energy market is not a profitable one in which to work, because the US economy is contracting. Fewer people consuming less stuff, means less energy being used, and competition between suppliers drives the owners of capital equipment like power pla[...]

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On "Private Offering" for next "Multi-Billion Dollar Gold Venture" from Money Map

After carefully reading through the Money Map Press sales pitch, the Accredited Investors Only language appears, but only after multiple pages of gobbledy-gook. This is probably going to alienate some readers, because they won't want to waste their time, [...]

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