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On Crisis and Opportunity's "Breakthrough technology turns air, sunlight, coal, even water into precious gas"
SR, I am interested. You may be right about America using this technology, but understand we are not the only people in the world. I would greatly appreciate the conversions and costs, if you would spare me your time. I am a retired aerospace engineer [...]
On Microblog: Fuel Cell Companies
Travis, What is the stock that Chris DeHaemer and Crisis Oppertunity Newsletter is piching? It is Solar to PNG play, but is not HYGS (Hydrogenics Corp) I am interested in this technology. I'm more interested in actually building working models rather th[...]
On Microblog: Latest Teaser for the Motely Fool Stock Advisor
Thanks Travis, I thought I had seen it here, but couldn't find it in the Archives.[...]
On "Safest Stocks to Own for the Next Six (Crazy) Years" from Dittman's Canadian Edge
Travis, What are the three stocks that the Motely Fool are talking about to get you to buy their Stock Advisor news letter? They are in the entertainment industry and will change the way we all watch TV and will sink the Cable TV industry? One is a 119B G[...]
On Microblog: what is a 770 account?
Travis; Thank you and I did find it in the archives. Sorry, to have bothered you. Carl[...]
Travis; Yes, it was in your e-mail today. Carl[...]
It was a video article advertising their newsletter Passive Income Trader, promising monthly income of $2000+/mo with only one trade a month. they also touted 100% success rate? Just thought you might have written on them before, I'm still trying to learn [...]

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