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Hi Travis Which are the newsletters that are seeking volunteers to review? What do you use as a source of information to check the facts & do some homework? (Other than the Thinkolator which is not possible to place on my desk…Is there a good alternative to a Bloomberg machine?)

Hi Travis & fellow Irregulars Does anyone here have a handle on the policy change impact going into the next 2 years? Any resource to recommend? Here’s an example of gibberish: Obamacare will maybe add 4% surtax on residential property transactions Now this monkey on my back is getting a whole lot bigger The […]

The funny thing about markets is that the fascination for thematic investing has gripped imaginations since the Dutch glorified the Tulip (and probably longer, but we don’t really have records on them). So whilst eventually cooler heads recognise that a Tulip is a flower; there could be real opportunity. I’ve been hearing talk of farmland […]

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On Microblog: Market Acrophobia - The Fear of Falling

Portfolio reports have long been my bugbear and a struggle to balance wanting certain answers vs. the effort to get them. Have long also wondered when the data monopoly held by Bloomberg will end as there is no close second in this space in my observations[...]

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On Global Investing

Recommend for the serious individual investor who does not readily accept what the talking heads are saying and needs a succinct overview of developments in the global markets but lacks the time to read and follow the mountains of research material. The co[...]

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On Louis Basenese, The Most Expensive Investing Book, and a couple Teased "Secret" Stocks

Have been very curious why this book is being bid up so much. There have been a number of good books that don't have reprints. The author is still alive though he has been very successful running money for many years. Concepts discussed have all been cover[...]

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On July Idea of the Month -- Fingerprints and Cash

Have noticed a spike in volumes and prices in the etf URA which is a simple thermometer on Uranium interest. I cannot yet figure out what is the main driver of the interest. Heard anything that would help?[...]

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On "The Death of Batteries" to "Hand Early Investors Life-Changing Gains?"

Sounds a bit like another one promoting "Hollywood contracts" which if you are patient enough to listen through the tedium suggests selling of barriers which has a (slightly) larger rate of gain being a 1st order exotic derivative. The technical definition[...]

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On "The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2014"

Nuance is one of Kurweil's companies and he was rather aggressive to promote its merits during a few stage appearances surrounding his recent book launch. Voice control has long been the holy grail of Human Computer Interface (HCI) but the recognition pa[...]

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On Motley Fool ONE

Current teaser is on disruption of the service industry Any chance the thinkolater could process this?[...]

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On Microblog: Steve Job's Mentor by Jeff Yastine from

Yes it's former Ivanhoe, now called Turqouise Hill with main asset being the gold-copper mine in Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia. Do note that Robert Friedland has resigned (rumor: ousted?) as CEO which may explain the name change to reflect the greater influence o[...]

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On Microblog: Forward themes

agree with your views on this one and with the media attention on the current US drought and rising food prices it would be too late to get any exposure. I'm not an expert but make a simple observation that after prices of a sector rise significantly the b[...]

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On What is Myanmar's Top Energy Play? (per Jeff Opdyke)

Comments from Singapore: SGX listed stocks are cleared by CDP which is like prime broker for individuals: you can buy and sell through any broker. Burma fever has been hot and heating up further. We first heard about this last year as a passing remark but[...]

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