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Got flyer from FSA trader asking me to subscribe for $1200 annual fee. This gets me a free magic calendar that shows dates when new drugs will be approved. Investment timing around these dates can capture stock appreciations that result. However, the calendar is free from the FDA at the website below

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On What's Fitz-Gerald's "Big Tobacco Must Pay" Teaser all about?

Another political scam. Big Tobacco money was supposed to help victims fight lung cancer and other medical conditions caused by tobacco use. Like other funding received by our government, politicians quickly divert it to their own special interests [...]

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On What's being hinted at for Chris Mayer's Focus?

I have subscribed to Agora for several years. I got a good deal on a lifetime subscription. Now Cris Meyer is gone along with his columns. I fear that I will have a life membership in no columns in time.[...]

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On What's Robinson's "Little Black Smart Box" teased for Radical Technology Profits?

I worked as an electronics engineer for almost 50 years with many PHDs. A few were brilliant. Most were nothing to write home about. As a senion engineering manager, I found that the PHD degree was no guarantee for excptional performance. It was one of[...]

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On "The Device Spreading 5-Times Faster Than The iPhone"

Good analysis! Other companies such as Kopin are making good small display modules for similar applications.[...]

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On What's "Neural Imprinting," and will it really "wipe out pain and generate $2.86 trillion in new wealth?"

I experienced 3D full immersion technology at a technical conference a few years ago. When I put on the headgear, an empty room became a furnished room with a beautiful girl that I could walk around. It takes a few seconds to accept the "reality". Once[...]

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