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#Related #Articles by #Author #Technology A Wide Angle Discussion of The BIG Picture & It’s Players #AI #BlockChain #WOW! YOU… Are #Incredible! 🙂 #Music > $HACK ETF $FZO.asx > #FAMILY ZONE /US /AU /HQ #WHK.asx White Hawk #pre #IPO? #MotleyFool Top 2017 > $FEYE $CYBR #SYMC […]

Storage of Electricity – #Batteries & BIG image

This discussion provides the current and future of of Li, G, NAM; H2O and more… After Fukushima REBECCA JOHNSON 24 March 2011 LONG TSX-V: GGG $0.25 OTCQB: $GPHBF $0.19, July 28, 2016 Graphene 3D Lab Introduces New Type of Single Layer Graphene Material: $GLFN – and #Gummune … Author: arch1 Comment: […]


Way that’s free Wrong thru facts Wing thrust force Why the frustration Wright the flight White to fright Way too freedom Whom to follow With the force Want to fry Wind thru forest What the fire WTF… you get the picture…

BIG Data

Companies high on virtualization despite fears of security breaches: #infosec #bigdata via @logtrust 4/20/16 The Seven Enemies Of Big Data via @GeoffKates 4/20/16 Discussion thread to consolidate and provide a road map for the Gummunity. Bet2All- >>>Benjammin’—–>

72 – The Rule of 72

Rule Of 72 according to Investopedia: What is the ’Rule Of 72’ The rule of 72 is a shortcut to estimate the number of years required to double your money at a given annual rate of return. The rule states that you divide the rate, expressed as a percentage, into 72: Years required to double […]

AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI Business Our story – Transforming tomorrow’s enterprises through the evolution of AI – AIBusiness via Peter Xing (@peterxing) EXCLUSIVE: The first ever AI for business landscape map! Register to receive your High Definition map AI is already here. It’s happening in many, if not most industries; its application in the business environment […]

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On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
$TTCM A letter from Tautachrome CEO Dr. Jon Leonard to shareholders Best![...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
$BB Insider buying. John Chen buys 50000 shares at $4.90 yesterday. The signal that everybody was looking for. First the CFO now the CEO 2019‑10‑09 13F-HR Intercontinental Wealth Adv[...]
On Microblog: PRE and AFTER Market Discussion Thread ( $XYZ or #Subject REQIUIRED in EACH post, TIA )
$FPRX Five Prime Announces Restructuring Clinical Timelines Not Impacted and $20 Million of Annualized Savings Expected Best![...]
On Microblog: PRE and AFTER Market Discussion Thread ( $XYZ or #Subject REQIUIRED in EACH post, TIA )
$FPRX Five Prime Therapeutics 8-K filed today regarding compensation of Interim CEO and COB: Best![...]
On Microblog: AOZ
$INND Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc. Good to hear from you Wfuiii. I've nibbled again. There will be further dilution, imho. The Moore family has 58+ million shares and has not sold or traded:[...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
$LIBE Long position Caution a r/s is forthcoming Ngen Technologies Delivers First 225,000 Units of Its 3D Without Glasses TV Module DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Liberated Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: LI[...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
TAUTACHROME NEWS RELEASE $TTCM Long position Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM) Announces First Public Digital Town Hall for ARknet Business ARks[...]
On Microblog: PRE and AFTER Market Discussion Thread ( $XYZ or #Subject REQIUIRED in EACH post, TIA )
@FivePrime_FPRX Long position Form 4 filed for BVF Partners L P/IL 10% Owner all acquisitions: $FPRX Best! Five [...]
On Microblog: AOZ
$INND Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc. MarkeTrak 10: Hearing Aids in an Era of Disruption and DTC/OTC Devices Published on July 31, 2019[...]
On Microblog: AOZ $ACW.asx Actinogen Medical > ZanaHES Phase 1 trial read out October 01, 2019 Announcement and Investors Conference Call Slides[...]
On Alzheimer’s Disease: 2019 Refresher and Updates
Thank you Michael for this refresher, update and all your very informative articles. Announced this article on Twitter to increase exposure to the article and @Stockgumshoe. $INND Took a starter position in this company yesterday. They recently ex[...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
$TTCM Thank YOU Frank! :-) It's is good to hear from your too. Best![...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
#AR Right in the middle of it ALL!! $TTCM @MyArKnet @Tautachrome_Inc via @ValaAfshar 15 tech of next decade: 1 #AI 2 IoT⌚️ 3 blockchain ⛓ 4 3D print 5 mobile 6 autonomous cars 7 mobile internet 8 robotics 9 VR/AR 10 wireless power 11 quantum c[...]
On First Steps and Favorite Tools for New Investors
Zero commission for trades at TD Ameritrade starting today, October 03, 2019. Zero commission for trades at Charles Schwab and E-Trade beginning October 07, 2019. Interactive brokers and Robinhood is already zero commission for trades. See your broker(s) f[...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
Research In Motion! :-) $BB BlackBerry Advances Real-Time Adaptive Security and Artificial Intelligence With BlackBerry® Intelligent Security New AI-Powered Solution Accommodates Real[...]
On Microblog: #CryptoSecurity #CyberSecurity #CyberPayment #CryptoBanking Systems #Equities
Research In Motion :-) $BB starter position at 5.01 USD $BB for the first time in years, in seeing insiders buying huge amount of shares. Charts, stats and the workz via Finviz: https[...]
On Microblog: EV >>>---Vehicles-October-02-17--&-Beyond------->
Nice to hear that. Most of people don't understand that to be a good trader we need time to understand the process and to create our own strategy. Good luck guys. Best![...]
On Microblog: EV >>>---Vehicles-October-02-17--&-Beyond------->
$NIO reduced at 1.61USD following the rules ;-) Thank YOU Myron! God rest his Soul! #TakeProfits! Best![...]
On Microblog: Teeka Tiwari "5 Coins to $5 Million" Post-Webinar Cliff Notes
TAUTACHROME PRESS RELEASE $TTCM Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM) Introduces Native Navigation Wayfinding on iOS and Android in ARknet Version 1.2.5 Best![...]
On Microblog: EV >>>---Vehicles-October-02-17--&-Beyond------->
$NIO increased 1.16USD ;-) Best![...]

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