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#Related #Articles by #Author #Technology A Wide Angle Discussion of The BIG Picture & It’s Players #AI #BlockChain #WOW! YOU… Are #Incredible! 🙂 #Music > $HACK ETF $FZO.asx > #FAMILY ZONE /US /AU /HQ #WHK.asx White Hawk #pre #IPO? #MotleyFool Top 2017 > $FEYE $CYBR #SYMC […]

Storage of Electricity – #Batteries & BIG image

This discussion provides the current and future of of Li, G, NAM; H2O and more… After Fukushima REBECCA JOHNSON 24 March 2011 LONG TSX-V: GGG $0.25 OTCQB: $GPHBF $0.19, July 28, 2016 Graphene 3D Lab Introduces New Type of Single Layer Graphene Material: $GLFN – and #Gummune … Author: arch1 Comment: […]


Way that’s free Wrong thru facts Wing thrust force Why the frustration Wright the flight White to fright Way too freedom Whom to follow With the force Want to fry Wind thru forest What the fire WTF… you get the picture…

BIG Data

Companies high on virtualization despite fears of security breaches: #infosec #bigdata via @logtrust 4/20/16 The Seven Enemies Of Big Data via @GeoffKates 4/20/16 Discussion thread to consolidate and provide a road map for the Gummunity. Bet2All- >>>Benjammin’—–>

72 – The Rule of 72

Rule Of 72 according to Investopedia: What is the ’Rule Of 72’ The rule of 72 is a shortcut to estimate the number of years required to double your money at a given annual rate of return. The rule states that you divide the rate, expressed as a percentage, into 72: Years required to double […]

AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI Business Our story – Transforming tomorrow’s enterprises through the evolution of AI – AIBusiness via Peter Xing (@peterxing) EXCLUSIVE: The first ever AI for business landscape map! Register to receive your High Definition map AI is already here. It’s happening in many, if not most industries; its application in the business environment […]

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On Microblog: 420 Investors
$EMMBF > #BackOffice, it :-) thrills me that you and others may benefit from information provided. :-) Benevolence in every situation! :-) #Best2YouAlwayz! :-)[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
$CTEQF, AEE ARL AUZ CLQ EUC PIL FZO COB PGM WHK > Mostly flat, Penny, this a.m. in Oz: There's $ to be made either way. :-) #[...]
On Microblog: #Technology > A Wide Angle Discussion of The Big Picture & It's Players
$MYSZ fp+ > Item 3.01. Notice of Delisting or Failure to Satisfy a Continued Listing Rule or Standard; Transfer of Listing. from 8K 4 101018... On September 6, 2018, My Size, I[...]
On Microblog: PRE and AFTER Market Discussion Thread ( $XYZ or #Subject REQIUIRED in EACH post, TIA )
$TEUM fp+ > Pareteum to Begin Trading on Nasdaq NEW YORK, NEW YORK – PRNewswire – October 11, 2018 - Pareteum Corporation (NYSE American: TEUM), a cloud software platform company, today announced that it has been approved for listing on Nasdaq under [...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$IWM $SPY ^RUT Nathan Michaud Retweeted 3:M video by Cody {Be Brave} @OddStockTrader:-) #ThankYOUguyz :-) #Best2You! Mid-Week Market Update (10/10/18) - Blood in t[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
Many times I find edge in bio names if we gap down tomorrow - watch them - names that don't typically trade in line w/ the market but just gap down b/c everything else is many times rally quick. But who am I kidding when we gap 500 pts tomorrow ;) https:/[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
$CTEQF, AEE ARL AUZ CLQ EUC PIL FZO COB PGM WHK > The rout continues this a.m. in Oz: #Best2U![...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$MBRX Moleculin Announces New Data Discovery Confirming Significant Increase in Potential to Starve Cancerous Tumors Data to be Presented at Neuro-Oncology Annual Scientific Meeting[...]
On Microblog: #W.T.F.?
#WTF? Ways To Failure > Ways people lose money in the stock market: •They buy stocks when the market is in a downtrend •They are selling short when the market is in an uptrend •They have no exit strategy to lock in the gains from trends •They trad[...]
On Microblog: #W.T.F.?
#WTF? Winning Trade Fundamentals > HOW TO TAKE YOUR TRADE -read news -choose 2 stocks -research financials -spot key levels on chart -wait your setup -use tape, volume, 1-3-5m chart -nail with set to and stop loss -hold your balls -scale and readd -chec[...]
On Microblog: #Technology > A Wide Angle Discussion of The Big Picture & It's Players
$IBX.asx San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 4 December - 8 December ht, TY #Griffin :-) #Biotech[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$NNOCF long :-) reference :-) above :-) #dyodd #niaia :-) Yo![...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$APTO #OpenBuyOrder :-) (obo bob) :;) @ 2.12USD limit order :-) #DYODD #NIAIA :-) #Best2YOUalwayz![...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$CWBR :-) headz up :-P + 3.87USD #DYODD #NIAIA korekt(i t)ed :-) Best2ALL! #MondayMotivation! #AmWriting! Hal :-) #AmInvesting :-) @BirdBrayn :-) #BlessYA! :-)[...]
On Microblog: AOZ
#86AD > Mandelblatt cautioned that her study was still too small to reach any conclusion, but if future studies could replicate the findings, then breast cancer patients might need to be screened for APOE4 before they discuss treatment options: https://ww[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
$T Andrea > Through the AT&T Aspire Accelerator, we support startup companies that use technology to improve education and help students achieve a bright future. Find out how th[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
Zafgen to Present Data from Multiple Nonclinical, IND-Enabling Studies of ZGN-1258 at the 2018 Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Family Conference View this release →[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$SRRA 2xw > for the Irregulars. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and his words and opinions are his own. You can find his bio and his past articles on his Stock Gumshoe page.] “The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an i[...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image A ‘game-changer’ from the World Bank - a US$1 billion plan to “accelerate investments” in battery storage for energy systems in developing and middle-income countries. $4CE $WFE $BKP $TAO $MSE ht[...]
On Microblog: Wow! You guyz and galz are incredible :-)
#AITCO Flat-lining before reawakening? ......perhaps you will get an answer from veeps, thanks mark! TY #F4Fthread4honey :-) Think markets absolutely flying. Cornerstoned this deal when my clos[...]

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