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Here is an interesting article re what’s happening to Gold over the past week. The most interesting thing about it, is it’s point that physical gold is being snapped up. The article doesn’t mention SAND at all but is relevant to SAND investors.

Buy $400 million in cash for $50 million

Essentially that’s what you’re doing when you buy shares of QXM, a Chinese phone manufacturer with $400 million cash on its books. Sounds like a great opportunity, but of course, with great opportunity there is also great risk. So in true Stock Gumshoe tradition, I will attempt to write a balanced summary on this company […]

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On Supplements and Drugs: the Feud Redux
Unfortunately, most physicians don't have a clue regarding possibly safer, natural cures or avoidance of disease. If you must see a physician, find a good ND.[...]
On Microblog: Sleep: Getting Enough When We Need It
try timed-release melatonin such as this:[...]
On Microblog: Supplements Versus Drugs: An Unfortunate and Unnecessary Feud
It's interesting. About 20 years ago i was diagnosed with GERD and subsequently put on a daily dose of drugs which relieved the symptoms. There are warning labels on these drugs to not take longer than 3-weeks, but doctors have no problem with prescribin[...]
On Microblog: Stellar Biotechnologies - The real deal or just more tulip bulbs?
i got an email today that announced that it has been added to in an index. Funds that track the index would need to buy the shares.[...]
On What's Dan Ferris' "Next World Dominator?"
Hi Pad, In tech, the ipad in ancient history. Here's a nice article on AAPL: IOS is well behind, Android, Windows and Blackberry at this point.[...]
On What's Dan Ferris' "Next World Dominator?"
I agree that this is faith-based at this point. I own a few of these shares but certainly not looking to add any more. Once these big guys go down, they can stay down a long time. AAPL has really shown nothing new for years now. They are cannibalizing the[...]
On Microblog: SAND
The extraction cost of an ounce of gold for many miners is over $1000. As gold price approaches that, they will begin failing - causing exploration and expansion to be halted. Simple supply/demand would then cause the metal to rebound.[...]
On Motley Fool's "Secrets of Silicon Valley’s Hidden Empire EXPOSED"
I can't compare amzn to aapl. Aapl has basically one product on different platforms (ios in various forms) and that product has certainly lost it's edge as other vendors are now farther ahead. That is the main reason funds have been bailing for the past y[...]
On Another Little Bite, Maybe More to Come
It's 200 day is $590 so that would be a great buy point. You'll notice the bounce off that today. I don't think it will break that unless the institutions start to bail.[...]
On Microblog: Buy $400 million in cash for $50 million
Latest Development:[...]

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