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On Microblog: Celiac Disease and the Ubiquitous Gluten-Free Diet
My two cents: Wheat and many simple carbs cause a large insulin response (seems to be a down side to that over time). Not good. Saturated fats have been demonized with little science to back up the attacks. I don't eat wheat because of the insulin res[...]
On Could Leeb's "Sinclair Oil" Help You Pocket $150,000?
Looking for some Gumshoe readers wisdom. I was looking at the preferred shares for BBEP (BBEPP). Having a hard time understanding peferred's. I know they can be recalled at 25 par. I know the ones that are cumulative have a responsibility to pay you th[...]
On August Idea of the Month -- Let Others Think About Risk for You
Hey Travis, At what price did you buy in for MIL? At 8 bucks what is the discount to book now? Do they own a piece of nat gas wells (and other nat gas assets) coming on line? Is it significant? Thanks for all the work, not it is time for me to bet[...]
On Microblog: In A Brutal Biotech Market, A Reason to Be Excited: Introducing Regado Biosciences
Allergic reaction sell off, any thoughts out there?[...]
On Microblog: Regado Eyes and Ears discussion/chat room
Any thoughts on massive sell off after hours? Allergic reaction problems?[...]
On Microblog: Regado Eyes and Ears discussion/chat room
Question from the pharma newbie? Did anyone from this most astute forum arrive at a price that they thought RGDO was a good value? When they released that secondary offering who is involved in that, retail or institutions? RGDO has really gotten ham[...]
On Chris Mayer, "Investing by the C.O.D.E."
How sweet is it that the guy in charge is Middleman? Tell me that made you chuckle a little Gumshoe?[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — U.S. Uranium Producers & Canadian Explorers in Athabasca Basin
Do you think the latest debt deal UEC did is a positive? The stock got a little roughed up over it. Do you like UEC under 1.60? Any information is greatly appreciated Myron. Thank you in advance for any information. Russ[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — U.S. Uranium Producers & Canadian Explorers in Athabasca Basin
Hi Myron, Any thoughts on the UEC sell off after the debt deal? Do you like it at these levels? Thank you for your efforts, Russ[...]
On Microblog: Discount brokers
I don't think you can find a better broker for international stocks than Interactive. They do have an inactivity fee around 10 bucks if you do not do any trades for the month. I also believe they do not provide DRIPS. Check 'em out.[...]
On Revealing Keith Kohl's "Petroplex" Stock
Question the preferred shares? What is the batting order for assets if they go under? I take it the common shares get nuked first and then...? Debt is a mystery to me.[...]
On December Idea of the Month -- 7% Yield From The Old and the Sick
Love to hear what you think the risks are and possible upside to Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Fund. Very new to me. Any information on exactly how they make money and what the downside is would be great reading for the Gumshoe fan. Thanks Travis[...]
On Guy Gottfried's Undervalued Energy Pick
Got clobbered today. Any outlook from my fellow gumshoers? Anyone own this one?[...]
On "Enormous 'Oil Kitchen' Discovered in Energy’s Last Great Frontier" (Byron King)
http://agorafinancial.com/research/html/esi_oilkitchen_032813/?code=EESIP302&ver=1&o=959517&s=965021&u=28656617&l=555492&r=Milo The recent pump.[...]
On "Enormous 'Oil Kitchen' Discovered in Energy’s Last Great Frontier" (Byron King)
They are pumping it again. Any thoughts on it's current value? Still worth a roll of the dice?[...]
On Add-on Buy of My Favorite Bank
So is the general idea that a company they cut a loan to went under and now they have the collateral from that deal but that is not being reflected on the books?[...]
On How do you "stop America's laziest minority from ruining OUR country?"
Do I think public employees are the biggest problem facing this country? No. Do I think their benefits (health care and pensions) and salaries are far beyond what a lot of states and cities can afford and hope to provide any services? Yes. Special inte[...]
On May Idea of the Month: Catching a Falling Star
Hey Travis, SILU sold off today and then bounced back a bit. Do you like it at this price level (around 1.40)? Do you have any idea why they had a big sell off? Thanks[...]
On Annual Review: The Big List
Anyone out there have some thoughts on Epsilon energy? Thanks[...]
On Some thoughts on my Top Ten Personal Holdings
Sea drill question... Do you Travis or anyone else know what affects SDRL's potential Brazilian IPO will have on shareholders? Would we get anything or is this a completely separate deal. Thanks[...]

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