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Tesla had a nice run-up from its February ’16 low of $143 to an April high around $265. It has shrunk back since then to about $215, but a few analysts think the stock could go as high as $300 over the next 12 months. Any feedback on this prediction?

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On Sea of Tranquility
Lynn, I realize this is trite, but in the italicized preamble, Dr. KSS "chooses", not "choses" his topics.[...]
On Microblog: Bitcoin or Blockchain? Where is digital currency heading?
Thanks, Ben, for the link. Still so much about this technology that I don't understand, but will keep digging.[...]
On Cabot's "Don't Miss the Big Turnaround in Emerging Markets" Stocks
Yes, the dividends have been puny, but the stock has gone from a low of $85 in February to $172 yesterday. Would like a bigger dividend opportunity, but I'll take that stock price performance any day.[...]
On Cabot's "Don't Miss the Big Turnaround in Emerging Markets" Stocks
I have been fortunate enough to own MELI since January of 2016. I bought the stock based upon information received from the Motley Fool group and believe it can become the Latin Amazon over time. Mercadolibre - the name translates as "Free Market" - has h[...]

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