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Anybody use Zacks Trading Services

Zacks has decided to join the get a whole bunch of our services for life with one low price bandwagon and I’m interested to hear anybody’s experience with them. I’ve subscribed to their Confidential Service for a couple of months and can’t really give you too much to go on. They cull three or four […]

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On Friday File: Emphasizing Caution... But Still Buying
Having tried CBD in both oil and gummy form for pain, I found it useless. I know anecdotally that people claim it does great things but it did absolutely nothing for me. If I doesn't have THC in it, it hasn't proved useful to cope with what is admittedly[...]
On Friday File: Cabot's "Next Amazon" plus Disney, Gold, Cobalt and more
Travis, One of the "brands" Disney will be able to leverage is the reuniting of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises with Marvel. The two Fox properties will now become full fledged members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which presumably should inc[...]
On Kramer: "If you don’t take a small position in this marijuana stock, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life."
Do you know how far along the approval process CARA is with their pot based drug? There are two sides to the chronic pain argument. I agree that the potential market is huge and far larger than epileptic seizures, but more than GWPH I think they would be[...]
On Responses to Recent Comments
I thought your comment on COQ10 having negative interactions with statins, beta blockers and anti-depressants quite interesting. I take a statin and anti-depressants - primarily as a migraine preventative yet my doctors told me that I should take COQ10 be[...]
On Such A Pleasant Stay
Given its now large size and similar reliance on a single category of drugs, do you see Celgene ($CELG) headed down the same path you see Novo treading? The cases do seem somewhat similar to me although Celgene has been trying to buy its way into differe[...]
On "The World's Most Valuable Land.... At Almost a 50% Discount" pitch from Dan Ferris
The Atlanta Braves are owned by Liberty Media who planned a rights offering with respect to the Braves. Liberty has a history of multiple classes of stock with each class having some rights to the earnings of a discrete business unit while the equity, if a[...]
On Microblog: Truths about stop-losses that nobody wants to hear
I've not tried to do what you're suggesting but you should be able to do it with your broker if you want to trigger the sale automatically. I know both Etrade and Schwab allow you to enter trailing stop loss sale orders, which when the stop loss is hit be[...]
On "A new opportunity is taking shape right now that’s like buying Disney in 1971…"
Not only is the sport not growing but attendance and TV ratings have been dropping for the last three years before stabilizing somewhat this year. I haven't seen much on the bids for the next TV contract. I suspect it will do alright if only because the o[...]
On Pre-VIC thoughts
So, were his comment on alternative power companies mostly a throw away line or did he get into a discussion of them later. They ran up in the last couple of weeks and sort fo ran past, way past, what I would think of as reasonable valuation for most of t[...]
On February Idea of the Month -- Oil Services
Any stock broker should be able to set you up with an IRA account With very little hassle. Any of the major discount brokers is likely to do it for a nominal fee and give you a number of commission free trades to boot. They love IRA accounts.[...]
On February Idea of the Month -- Oil Services
Travis, Thanks for the write-up and voice of support for NOV. I bought it about a month ago only to see it promptly drop about 10%. Not enough to get too worried but as everything around us went up, it kind of hung there. Support for the stock came out [...]
On Microblog: Introducing: The Blind Squirrel and his Traveling Show of Nuts
I just wanted to join Vivian in welcoming another "grey-hair" (I don't know if yours is actually hey, or if you even have any but you get the ideas). It's always helpful to read insights of folks who have been in the trenches and battling for acorns like [...]
On Global Investing
I meant to give her five stars but apparently operator error resulting in my giving her only four. This is to correct that error.[...]
On Global Investing
Apparently, Vivien Lewis decided that giving out test runs to Irregulars was a cheap and effective form of advertising because, like most of the others here, I too got a three month test. I have to say that it is a consistently enjoyable and educational le[...]
On Microblog: Apple Smart phone launch
No details either and while Corning seems somewhat logical, I'd look for something related to the fingerprint ID technology expected to be a part of the new iPhone 5s. Don't have any suggestions at the moment, but that's where I'm looking.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron--Elements and Energy
I agree with Franklin. It's an outstanding addition to your already fabulous service. But Travis, don't let all this glowing praise go to your head and give you the idea that it's time for a price increase. :)[...]
On "How to Double Your Money on 'The Next Whole Foods'"
I believe that Trader Joes is a subsidiary of the German grocery chain which also owns the Aldiss chain. I don't think any spin-off is in the works so it's unlikely we'll get a shot at TJ stock. We don't have NGVC here in KY, just Whole Foods, Fresh Mark[...]
On What are Chris Mayer's "CPR Plans?"
In the past, the best way into and maximise profit from a thrift conversion was to open an account, or multiple accounts in the thrift well before the conversion. That way, you are an owner entitled to buy shares at the very low offer or pre-offer price. [...]
On Coober Pedy and the "$20 Trillion Opportunity"
Back to the audio company they've been touting the last couple of weeks as revolutionary. Anyone have any ideas what this one is?[...]
On Berkshire, Russian Dividends, Gold and Big Data
Glad to hear I'm not the only one looking at gold and AAPL taking up a big chunk of my portfolio, which is a big chunk smaller than it used to be. Still holding onto gold for the same reasons you and Travis have expressed and even looking to add if I find [...]

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