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Good afternoon, first off all i am very happy to be part off this community and I benefit and enjoy the teaser pickers and your breakdowns on them.I have a question though I have entered some gold positions recently( a little late,i know) and at first I didn’t knew how the business worked and followed […]

Hello there, I just received mail from motley fool(i am a basic member) the mail stated no1 technology investment in 2020.To spice everything a little bit up it stated that forbes thinks this stock would eat up the world and the ceo off verizon,Lowell mc Adam states that this will be the third wave off […]

Hello i am new on this website and i really like the content on this site, as i have mentioned before i am new on this platform and on the stock market I have invested some money in chesapeak energy and was curious what your oppions are on this company.I have a steady amount to […]

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On Microblog: Note to travir

Thanks for the breakdown,I am new on metals and made some gains on some goldminers but i want to go for longterm and need to do more research,i just got into ishares silver and will stay in this position for while, have a great day![...]

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On Microblog: Investing in europe /canada

I am proud to be a part off your community btw learnt a lot and making a lit off progress/profits even in this difficult market![...]

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On Microblog: Investing in europe /canada

Thanks travis! Do you have any suggestions?[...]

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They are still a private company,a lot off sites are advertising to invest in there upcoming ipo.I think this company has high potential since cable is slowly dying ,i have a subscription to it since i am a huge soccer fan,it’s not cheap....but longterm [...]

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On Microblog: Is anyone up on the Master Token?

He is talking about iota[...]

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