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On Microblog: 420 Investors
CBWTF Auxly Cannabis, Stock Gumshoe has written about several times; simply use the Search field on SG to learn more.[...]
On Microblog: 420 Investors
Hi Hittman, Cannabis investing is very speculative, invest only what you can afford to lose...… I have read aprox. 15% of your total portfolio. Since April 2018 I have invested in 14 cannabis, or industry related, companies, and am now collectively up [...]
On Solving an “Extreme Dividends" Teaser -- Can you get a 100% yield on your savings?
That's good, but in spite of the huge dividend from WPG REIT, I will stay with the Thinkolator and say no to these 3 recommendations. Thanks for the update Mr. Gumshoe. I am enjoying the dividend and gain in IIPR, a cannabis REIT that SG has written ab[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
Legal medical & recreational marijuana - blueprint for U.S. states started with Colorado, Washington, and Oregon regs. licenses, etc. with other U.S. states learning and adapting for their regs. & licenses.[...]
On Friday File: Diving into another Marijuana teaser, plus several add-on buys
@ saint stephen - good comments, thanks![...]
On Fool's "One Stock for the Coming Marijuana Boom"
Hey Sonny, Catherine gives some good advice. I would suggest consider IIPR Innovative Industrial Properties, the only pot stock Mr. Gumshoe owns himself; it is one of the few pot stocks that pays dividends, quarterly. As Catherine mentioned, you can go t[...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
I think guest Rick asked about KALY[...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
Thank you Thinkolator; no for me on CRXPF. IIPR - thanks to Travis writing April '18 I bought some IIPR and added some more in the summer; to date, I am +69.94% on April '18 & +56.35% collectively, including reinvesting dividends.[...]
On Microblog: 420 Investors
Acreage Holdings new symbol is ACRGF[...]
On Friday File: Blanco's "Alzheimer's Disease is Completely Treatable" pitch for the "Revolutionary 'TREM-2 Repair' Protocol"
Anybody with experience using L-serine for preventative for ALS Alzheimers?; I can not find on retail market. I read an article by Jay Heinrichs in Southwest Airlines magazine September 2016 issue, researcher Paul Alan Cox touted L-serine for neuro & ALS.[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
Acreage Holdings trading symbol is now ACRGF[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
you might try New Cannabis Ventures, free weekly enewsletter, I believe they have a list of anticipated companies soon doing IPO.[...]
On Microblog: Super Charge your Portfolio with these 4 High Flying cannabis IPOS... Part of the Cannabis Investors Report from Mike Ward offered for an additional $1995 membership upgrade.
don't know, but I certainly would not pay $1995to find out. Acreage Holdings ACRGF might be one of them, since John Boehner sits on the board. Month or so ago Stock Gumshoe had an article, something like "What are John Boehners …… marijuana ……..[...]
On "Marijuana Profit-Sharing Plan" teased: What are Jim Pearce's "Marijuana Payouts?"
Acreage Holdings (cannabis) symbol has changed to ACRGF[...]
On Microblog: Recent drop in Aphria
you might also read Ted Ohashi's "Let's Toke Business" newsletter December 7th edition. send Ted an email request to be added to his free weekly newsletter at and tell him what country you live in.[...]
On "Marijuana Profit-Sharing Plan" teased: What are Jim Pearce's "Marijuana Payouts?"
IIPR rents converted warehouses retrofitted with environmental controls - heat, lights, humidity - cannabis growers are indoor farmers - they grow year around. Drip?, are you referring to a drip water/fertilizer system?.....most growers do have. of cours[...]
On "Marijuana Profit-Sharing Plan" teased: What are Jim Pearce's "Marijuana Payouts?"
Thanks for today's IIPR update Travis (still the 5th out here in Pacific Northwest!). 5 weeks since Oct. 31 post, and I am now up 52% since April. great returns @mypanama2 and @frankw17.[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
Sorry, no I don't know 2 Cannabis IPO's that Mike Ward pitching.[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
Thanks Stan, Yes "pink sheets", not pink slips ….. LOL[...]
On Friday File: Solving an “Extreme Dividends" Teaser -- Can you get a 100% yield on your savings?
Thanks Thinkolator, I'm staying away from all 3 of the teased dividend stocks.[...]

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