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On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
Being in the medical field, Anatomic Surgical Pathology to be specific for many moons it is a documented fact that "Statins" over a period of time, which is shorter or longer depending upon ones physiologic makeup are also murder on the joints and related [...]
On VentureCap Strategist's "Safest and Smartest Way" to play the Virtual Reality Revolution
Regarding Spectra7 Microsystems, aside from the numbers they're supposed to be releasing, which I think they did provide a "preliminary" report, does anyone have any idea of any upcoming surges. I've taken a position with them since it was first recommende[...]
On "Apple's Going Wireless" Pick Teased by Nick Hodge
The lack of insider buying by APPLE is a big signal that either its not them or even they are skeptical of WATT achieving the "long distance" charging that Nick and Energous themselves have been crowing about. The fact that they have signed deals with Foxc[...]
On VentureCap Strategist's "Safest and Smartest Way" to play the Virtual Reality Revolution
Travis: Good afternoon! As usual the usage of the "Thinkolator" and your take on Lou Basanese's latest pump on his VentureCap Strategist along with all the additional information you provided is very much appreciated as "Always". That having been said I ha[...]
On Microblog: what could this little gem be?
I agree it's TRXC....Again! The FDA was supposed to provide an answer by end of 1st quarter then it got pushed to mid April, which everyone seems to think will be April 15th. At the time there were rumors that JNJ was going to offer a takeover bid for TRXC[...]
On Microblog: Morning market news really pushing this $2 stock
Does anyone really believe that TRXC is going to be the success story they're all hoping it will be? Seriously! I have to flip a coin because if past history is any indication the whole story behind it and the company is not that enthralling.... I got in e[...]
On Microblog: What is the deal with Zuckerburg's $2 wonder stock?
TRXC is a $4+ least it is now.[...]
On Will "Liquid Biopsy" End the 8 Deadliest Diseases?
I guess others had the same astonishment as I did when I read Shah Gilani's crowing about $145.00 share price and 29,000% increase. Hey you never know and it may be worth just to stick your little toe in initially. I'll just set an alert when it hits a cer[...]
On "Buyout Imminent" for $3 Tech Stock?
Btw, ANY is currently @ $1.36[...]

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