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X Dividend question

I was under the impression you receive a dividend on shares you hold as of the XD date. Last year I owned 100 shares of STON and on anticipation of the dividend I bought 10 more shares after the XD date. When the dividend was paid they paid on 110 shares. Was this their mistake […]

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On Solved: "WARNING: 'Golden Pill' May Make You Rich… " tease
I sold my ESPR in early 2015 with a tidy 30% profit. I dodged a bullet as it soon dropped a lot. Didn't repurchase at the bottom and don't think I will now.[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
It would be prudent to try and watch what Coca Cola is doing in this sector.[...]
On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Power' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains
When one looks at the 3 year chart on this stock, it's not too bad. It is at least worth deeper research into the product itself.[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$APTO worrying me a little. Can't find any news that would cause this.[...]
On "Little Black Box Could End Mass Shootings Forever" from New Century Report
I've had this since March of 2017. Pleased so far with the progress. I was wondering what caused the spike today, now I know. I think this is the first speculative stock I ever purchased before Travis profiled it. It is also one of the few stocks that [...]
On Solving the "Day of the Great Blockchain Collision" tease
As an Israeli Co. why is WeeBit only on the Aussie and German exchanges? You would think there would be a U.S. OTC presence.[...]
On Skousen's "The Company that Will Put an End to America’s #1 Cause of Death" Pitch
Dr. KSS, is like a Holter Monitor with real time telemetry?[...]
On Microblog: The biggest defense boom in American history. 4.8 Trillion $
Like to see Travis sleuth out this one.[...]
On What's DeHaemer's "The Most Disruptive Technology Since the Internal Combustion Engine" Ad All About?
After all MAGA statements this year, I hope the USPS RFP specifies at least 75% USA manufactured content.[...]
On What's the $100 million "Soldier Super Sight" Company?
I consider this a sort of lottery ticket. $100.00 bet tops. We have scoffed at other technologies in the past only to see them make millions.[...]
On Friday File: Ligand, Apple, Junior Miners and Katusa's Montney
Glad you're bullish on Apple again. I just sold all my WFC while I still had profit and put it into AAPL.[...]
On Stansberry's "Metropolitan Club" plan for the Gold Bull Mania
While I agree that physical gold (and silver) is a great hedge against runaway inflation or bank failures I disagree on another point. If the s**t really hits the fan I doubt that collectibles will be worth much more than their melt value. JMHO[...]
On "Deadly Underwater International Security Threat Revealed -- Turn $1,000 into $25,400 in just the next 6 to 12 months"
This is an area that will definitely grow. It's the type of science that a small company can come up with something novel and profitable. Whether or not Kraken is that company remains to be seen. I look at this as a combination lottery ticket/ground flo[...]
On "New Gas Molecule That Burns Hotter than the Sun" -- Dr. Kent Moors says "there’s never been a moneymaking situation quite like this in the entire history of energy!"
Looks like some folks could go to jail with this one. Maybe Kent Moors can join them.[...]
On Ray Blanco's : "What This CEO Says on Nov.7, 2015 Could Revolutionize Modern American Medicine…"
I did a similar thing. B .63 S .94. Never looked back until this article caused me to. Not the first time I wasn't patient enough and probably won't be the last.[...]
On Need To Know: Frontline Dispatch from the Cholesterol Wars
Thank you for ESPR from awhile back. I already took nice profits. I'll be watching for that possible bargain re-entry. You must have been a quick study in college and med school as it seems you had time to watch Americas Cult Classic TV show.[...]
On The 2015 Stock Gumshoe Biotechnology Awards Show!
Thanks for the original ESPR article. Today I hit 202% gain on my first position.[...]
On Microblog: Ebola: To Parse, Perchance to Parlay
With apologies to all you IRR's from outside the USA, I am not interested in the welfare of those children or adults overseas who do not have enough to eat or proper shelter. Not as long as there are Americans in those same conditions. When we get to eve[...]
On Microblog: Ebola: To Parse, Perchance to Parlay
This is the first I have heard that the fever was 100.3 and not 103.0. I will certainly look for corroboration.[...]
On Microblog: Ebola: To Parse, Perchance to Parlay
I am quite angry over the smugness of those medical experts parroting the Administrations policy on travel bans and quarantines. They glibly pronounce that Ebola is not an airborne disease knowing full well that the medical definition of airborne is quite[...]

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